Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Artist’s Vision of Reality” – 8/12/2019

August 12, 2019

“The artist has a singular vision of reality. Such a vision provokes reality to move. Although, the artist has a liking to pick up reality to perhaps drag it. As well, the artist has a liking to make reality writhe in pain, or echo some cry of thrill. Nothing prevents the artist from showing movement.

And for what purpose does this movement conceive its own definition? That definition is the purpose of evil. Art is not evil. It is merely an interpretation of life. Of all what stays inside life, it is the birth of potential. Had Hitler’s mother known of what evil she’d birth? Had Caesar’s mother known of what power she held in her womb?

Art does not convey love. It conveys truth. It conveys the reality made into truth. For reality is nothing more than a stagnant image, and perhaps the blank canvas, before the artist makes life from it. It is the empty womb, the darkened hallway, before there is a child nestled within, or torches lit upon the walls.

Love is a stagnation. Death is a stagnation. And the artist does not convey these things, for these things do not display movement. We are contented in these two things. We want for no more, when either in love or dead, or close to death. For love, we willingly submit. For death, we are forced to submit. And for both, life has no hold upon us.

What is life? It has been said to hold the definition of ‘worth’ or ‘value’ and such things are only ever measured through age. The ‘existence of time’ becomes an existence, when we are able to see life for its truth.

When we speak of evil, we speak of that life, and its discontinuance. We speak of the constant discontent. For a human can only ever be contented when willingly content, or when in love, or when forced to be content, or when near death.

Truth is a middling. Love is a higher. Death is a lower.

We, as humans, are always middling, no matter our ambitions.

It is because when love interferes with the dictator, he is no longer a dictator. He soon renounces his ambitions, and settles in with a wife, while people still pound on his door to murder him.”

Words of Wisdom – “A Man’s Guilt” – Pt. 2 – 8/10/2019

August 10, 2019

“There is nothing so deforming of a man’s features, than guilt. Encourage guilt, and you encourage the remaining existence of the masculine man. His instinct is guilt.

What does a man see in a woman’s eyes?

Why, it is all he’s been avoiding. The forgiveness he cannot ever place upon his own actions. Upon himself, it comes hard for forgiveness to douse the dictator’s or psychopath’s actions. Pride only comes as approval. Shame comes as disapproval.

A man’s guilt is as prominent as his infinite opportunity to achieve. His infinite craving, that is, and his only motive behind his desire to achieve, is to compensate for that feeling of guilt. Encourage guilt, and again, you encourage the masculine man. Reveal opportunity, either of sexual desire or monetary gain, and you exploit his guilt, and create his fall.

There is nothing so vengeful as exploitation, and nothing so much the exploit than the exploitation of fear. It is always a cruel gesture to reveal weakness, and it is any enemy to a human’s tool to exploit it.

Within a woman’s eyes, is where he sees the avoidance of God. He’s claimed himself to be God, and yet, the forgiveness for his actions of domination comes from a woman. He will deny God for as long as possible. Perhaps a man will see God as too bright. And to love, of which the ‘modern day’ has found to be ‘obsolete’, it is more proof than ever else proof was made, that forgiveness, nor love, does not dominate, but subdues.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Question on the Answer” – 8/7/2019

August 7, 2019

“We live in a world where the word ‘misanthrope’ is something to be admired, adored, and still… where do we find such people? They end up as psychopaths, as people who wouldn’t feel pain when they hear their loved ones who cry in pain. We dislike faith. We dislike religion. And for what purpose has this created? I prove now that the question is opposite from the answer, and the ‘power of reason’ falls on the former. We once placed God as ‘high’, and now we place Science as ‘high’. Why is this? I prove now that it is because those who never received answers, never received bread, now rule us; though, they govern us by what once afflicted them. The question of, ‘When?’ has turned upon the whole of the Earth. And faith, no longer unites us. Question divides us. Faith unites us. Those who never received their answers, now rule us. Those who never provide answers, now rule us. And to what extent does this last? I prove now that when polarities reverse themselves, we turn answer down to its lowest point. That is, we bury truth. And as question and Science is ‘high’, God becomes merely a truth to leave in the past, like any dead thing. Faith, too. Wisdom, too.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Fact of Heaven” – 7/20/2019

July 20, 2019

“Where we displace ourselves, as naked flesh, to be lifted, is in our discontent, to soon be contented. In life, discontent. In love, content. All angels call the flesh to rise. What does this refer to, besides the aspect of such flesh becoming the unified flesh? The flesh of God, is all flesh; and the message of Heaven, is at once, to hear music, at the same time, to create art, at the same time, to read poems. Shivers and quivers are what we ‘feel’ when we are lifted. It is a place that science has as well, discovered, among its numerous discoveries, dubbed the ‘higher brain’, and is the same place as Heaven. Rest. Development, or the developed. The fully grown. The eyes that see the rest. The rest, or the rest of everyone. The content. The beauty that has been raised. To love, and above to where love, and Heaven, resides. We seek answers, as humans, do we not? Then, where will we ride this power of reason, the power of the question, besides upon a road of doubt and uncertainty? Endless question is endless doubt. A destination is a place unseen by human eyes. An experience as love, is continually denied. For its use, there is none. For its moment, there are many, and they are numbered to infinity. Do we desire to see God? To finally see his so-called ‘reality’? It is not a reality that may be seen, but experienced. In who we love, in what we adore, is God.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Differences between Men and Women” – 7/16/2019

July 16, 2019

“In what a woman denies, it is the aspect of devotion. She still yearns for it. In what a man denies, it is his strength, the willpower he must possess to return to her. When we relate a ‘Second Coming’ of Christ to these differences, we behold denial and yearning. A woman’s lover, was Christ, in a sense, who took her virginity. As a savior, a man must return, be the man to create that ‘Second Coming’ in the sexual context of what the two words symbolize, after returning to her. Christ, in all his saving grace, will not return, until yearning overwhelms denial. In the same sense, love will not return to a world, until the yearning for love overwhelms the denial of love’s importance.

Does a man leave, or has the instinct to leave, should the lock of marriage not be upon both Man and Woman? It should be assumed so, for the ‘guessing’ behind a man, will cause him to be the Christ who drops the cross, never carries the ‘burden of Original Sin’, and will not return until the woman’s yearning overwhelms her denial; and, as well, the man’s ‘faith in his strength’, akin to Christ’s ‘faith in humanity’, overwhelms his ‘doubt for his strength’ or his ‘denial for his strength’. For how could Christ carry the cross, the burden, were it not for his Mother? And, at the same time, how could a man ever carry his life forward, if it were not for the silvery glass of a woman’s eyes, that he’d see both her soul and his own reflection?”

Words of Wisdom – “Control is not Necessarily the Enslavement” – 6/29/2019

June 29, 2019

“The fool and his view of religion as control, has made the view of ‘control’ as one-sided. Such a fool will say that religion deems to control, through enslavement, and such a negative view will inspire those to take greater inspiration from ignorance. For there is a positive form of control, and such is guidance and wisdom. The ‘lack of common sense’ and the replacement of political power over the church, has created this. Such fools who say that religion deems to control, are so much the fool that they cannot comprehend what created religion. Faith and trust. These components are the same essences placed forth for the politician. What has changed? Nothing. We promote change, not love. We inevitably begin to yearn for love, and to ‘yearn for love’ is to yearn for the ‘Second Coming’ when Christ returns. This is to yearn for love to return. Is it not true that when hatred and division dominates, that we yearn for love? Religion promoted and promotes the modesty that comes with love. And through individualism, there is, with it, the promotion of change. With change, we decline. We love, we are settled, and we want nothing more than the honesty pertaining to common sense.”

Words of Wisdom – “Debunking the Marriage of Multiple Wives” – 6/29/2019

June 29, 2019

“Variation has little to do with the aspect of morality. Though, ‘morality’ also has little to do with what is to be said here; and what is to be said, is that marriage has more to do with the inherent nature of the brain, versus the ‘artificial change’ among scientific endeavors. ‘Possibility’ is the chief focus of science. ‘Diversity’ becomes a focus of the Man-made human, over the ‘naturally-made’ human. Appearance should never be a primary focus for a woman, and should merely act as second-nature to her. She should not have to think about appearance, place it into the higher brain of reason, but merely apply the cosmetic, apply the dress, and begin her day. As for the ‘marriage of multiple wives’, there is, to the brain that is in everyone’s skull, the primary focus that situates itself upon the singular wife. A ‘one’ wife, to the ‘unity’ that represents ‘oneness’. All human brains are incapable of ‘multi-tasking’, as is how the ‘computer of science’ operates, not the ‘naturally-made’ human brain. Thus, we have ‘favoritism’ that has nothing to do with love. Favoritism has to do with lust. Inevitably, through that favoritism, ‘multiple wives’ will be ‘used’ as fodder for childbearing, until one wife is seen as the ‘capable’ sort to perhaps bear a son. She will be the primary focus, and the rest of the wives will be the secondary focuses. Though, soon as the primary focus has been expended of its usage, as with all primary focuses, it will soon become secondary. That is, the ‘primary focus’ will become ‘one with the scrap heap’, alike to the ‘second-hand’ used clothing, the ‘unwanted’, and the ‘unneeded’.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Proof of God… Pt. 2” – “The Second Coming” – 6/27/2019

June 27, 2019

“God is always divided between the denial and the yearning. This places God in either realm, named as either the ‘lost’ or the ‘found’. Christ had been met with betrayal, and soon questioned His own faith for his father. A society of people, in the same direction, question their faith in others. A woman, when taken of her virginity, will yearn for the ‘second coming’ from the man who then abandons her. God and Christ. A man and a woman. A father and a sufferer. A savior upon a savior. This is the way of love. Christ awaited His return to Heaven. From the ascent, to the descent. The ‘second coming’ has placed Mary in the spot to yearn for such a return of a love; a love that had taken her virginity; a love that had made her vulnerable. And between such a ‘yearning’ to then notice those who ‘deny God’, it is seen from them, that they, or a woman, denies that such a love ever existed. ‘Mankind’ is the representation of both Man and Woman. As sufferers, we cling to knees. Man clings to Woman’s knees. Woman clings to God’s knees. Savior and safety. Man and Woman. Mankind.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Absence of Truth… reveals the Skeleton, showing Death” – 6/25/2019

June 25, 2019

“Truth is the covering upon death. A skeleton is the exposure beneath flesh, and in the search for truth, in the search for identity, there will be a skeleton soon to be shown. There will be death. There will be a skeleton, revealed. Why is this? It is because, in the turning away from love, there is soon the flesh to be seen; and then, in the search for truth, beyond God’s touch of love, there is the belief that suffering will become the new form of equality. The victims of a society will be there for the creation of equality. It is because when God made equality through love, truth was met with modesty. Then, when God was discarded and made ‘obsolete’, truth was searched after, until made distorted and unrecognized. Beauty was seen as business, because business makes use of chaos. Soon, such ‘victims’ of society will be there, and expose their flesh enough to see beneath. They and their alterations, through cash and plastic, through money and oil that are the treasures of wealth from the earth, a skeleton will be revealed.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Proof of God… Pt. 1” – 6/23/2019

June 23, 2019

“Would a scientist be ever able to comprehend a reality so grand as love, when love cannot ever be made useful, as the machine continually tinkered and toyed? Reproduction works in the same fashion as the factory. And our problem of overpopulation has no doubt resulted partly from a rise in industry. More workers, would mean for the body to become the slave. Has slavery been outlawed? It cannot be ‘outlawed’, for ‘slavery’ has its meaning in ‘movement’ and ‘dissatisfaction’. Would a scientist ever comprehend the invisible, in such things as love, or even death? They only comprehend the work needed, the slaves needed, and each cog to make a machine operate, as a society runs in the same fashion. God is the invisible, and cannot be made a ‘reality’ until experienced. In love, or when dead, these are the experiences of God. Is love ever useful? It is not. Is death ever useful? Should a corpse be raised so that it continues to move, in the movement of slavery, or would its soul and today’s beloved ‘personalities’ ever return to these corpses? It cannot be assumed as so, because it’d never occur.”