Quote – “Of Objective Ugliness” – 7/21/2020

“Beauty has no way to improve, without love. Without the care that goes into repairing wounds, being on the flesh of a beautiful form, there will be objective ugliness. For ugliness is made objective, opposite from what is beautiful, due to the innate knowledge that what has been made ugly, has been without love, been without care. For to love, would mean to love beauty. We perceive ugliness in its objective fashion when we comprehend that what is ugly has been neglected. It is the same when we see a child, emaciated upon the roadway, starving to death without caregivers. We say to it that it is a sorry sight, an ugly sight, because the child has been neglected.”

– Modern Romanticism

Essay Concept: – “To See Past the Form to Inner Beauty” – 3/19/2020

  • To see past the form, means for someone to be able to see another person’s intellect. This means, that should the subconscious hold its focus for the form, then the conscious will hold its focus for the mind, in the person wishing to be seen.
  • When that person is seen, their form is not seen, because what is held in focus, by the wishful person, is their mind. Meaning, that what is “seen” is something invisible. That is, when seeing past the form, what is seen is that invisible something, being the intellect of the wishful person. Any person wishing to be seen for their “inner beauty”, must have a conscious focus on their mind and intellect, so that those who see them, will not have to focus on something that places itself like a barrier, being the form.
  • For a form is a wall of flesh, and anything that presents itself as physical or visible, will block the way to the metaphysical or invisible. Thus, when the conscious focus becomes the mind, then the subconscious focus becomes the form, making the form easily passable, and the mind easy to be seen. Therefore, from this, there is the delving into “inner beauty” that many people wish for others to see.