Controversial Topic – “George Floyd is the Left’s New Censorship” – 6/14/2020

It is known of the Liberal Left that they enjoy it when speech is silenced, that when a person speaks in a manner deemed offensive, they are quieted from talking. Simply call the person deemed to be racist, a racist, and they are quieted. Even the police in certain nations cannot arrest gangs, out of their petty fear in being called this even pettier word.

To speak on slavery as though the blacks only can comprehend it, is ignorance, in and of itself. What did slave-masters use for their tool to silence a black slave? They used the whip. What do Liberal Leftists use to silence speech? They have their own single words, like “racist” or “sexist” used to silence a disobedient “slave” and keep them from rebelling. Therefore, these methods of silence are only different in that they approach from a more subtle route, rather than a direct one.

George Floyd, in this sense, is dead, and his literal silence is what drives the ongoing riots and the Seattle takeover. Their more-than-disgusting ways have been what they deem to be justifiable in misusing the dead, and taking advantage of the silence of death. The silence of death, the censorship of a dead man, named George Floyd, is what the Liberal Left is taking advantage of. It is because George Floyd would be the “voice of reason” in this heat of unceasing conflict. Were he alive, he’d be the sole voice, as the loudest voice, to speak against current happenings. Were he alive, he’d might have a voice louder than any political leader, or civil rights activist. Were he alive, there’d be no need for something like riots, to occur. He’d lay his hand down and put a stop to them, through his sheer presence and voice.

His silence, in the grave, is what the Liberal Left takes for advantageous gain. For advantageous gain, the Liberal Left understand that George Floyd cannot speak, be the voice of reason against them, and therefore believe they are free through his demise.

This method of taking advantage of the dead, might as well be on the lowest level of committing necrophilia. For it is with the same word, called “usage”, that these Liberal Leftists are using the dead, for lust. As lust relates to gain, and gain is accompanied by the word “advantage”, it is here where we comprehend that these people have greatly lowered themselves.