Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “A Dashing Monarchy” – Political Philosophy – 10/16/2019

October 16, 2019

“We were fools to believe a pauper could occupy a throne, in belief of the pauper as the leader making each person as loving. Labor is the wounds of not hardship, but relieved hardship. The lazy pauper is just as clean as the rich man who pockets his provisions. Where does greed stem from? It stems from poverty. It stems from poverty taking its leap to wealth, in an instant. All lifestyles from that former time are carried into the air, into that ‘belonging’ that the pauper most desired. What is the cure to poverty? We are not each angels with wings to carry a pauper to Heaven. The pauper must know what it means to provide for others, if we should seat a pauper on a throne, for leadership.

Democracy is a failure against Monarchy, because it believes all the rich became rich, at an instant. In reality, it is what Democracy excels at, a mass production of riches, and a mass production of rich people. A pauper knows not how to provide, if all the pauper knew was the misery in survival. Should they know love, then they know how to give, and yet, they look upon giving ones with alien eyes.

Under the shadow of a King, we see the responsible one; for a rich man is divided between only two personalities: as either a spender or a hoarder. What has Democracy failed at, the most? It has failed, in the way of placing paupers on the throne of leadership, and believing that new leader to be a provider.

Leadership is a place of responsibility. It is a place of love and giving. It is a place of example, not force.

No pauper who knows only the ways of ‘providing for the self’ will know what it means to ‘provide for another’. With such paupers as leaders, consumerism and mass production are the only results. Each pauper consumes, because their lifestyle taught them to crave and to want. Any pauper who loves, will only love without the aforementioned ‘alien eyes’, and having instead ‘understanding eyes’ that utter the words, ‘I have traveled that road’.

Democracy fails by placing victims as leaders, without understanding, without compassion, and who are rich, but cure no problems.”


Words of Wisdom – “A Fantasy and a Possibility” – Philosophy on Madness – 10/9/2019

October 9, 2019

“Those scientists who reach for the impossible to turn into the possible, are who should be named, ‘Those who deny God, though long for His touch, His presence, His commandments.’ A scientist may say, ‘The impossible will become the possible, because those under the Banner of Democracy will be allowed to make any choice possible.’ And still, they meddle in those unknowns, reaching for darkness, for answers that may crack their minds; what is, I ask, the answers to life’s most amusing and entertaining questions? We ask questions, while we laugh in a comedy. We come to an answer, then the shock shifts us back to a tragedy. From certainty to comedy, then from tragedy to uncertainty; these are the maddening notions that make certainty aligned with fear. A scientist has to believe in God, if the denial of Him causes the scientist to still reach for answers. A scientist discovers, while God lays in wait; because, when we reach inside ourselves for those answers, we are finding more darkness rather than light, because light is only seen from an external source.”