Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “From Used to Useless” – Philosophy on Love – 10/17/2019

October 17, 2019

“When we love, we tear away a soldier from a zone where he may gather wounds, to a home where he may gather comfort. For there have been many an occurrence, for a soldier to trade away his firearm, for a bandage.

It is so, from being used to being useless, that the soldier who is torn away from a place that may tear his own body into wounds manifold, is now loved in a place that will no longer use him.”


Words of Wisdom – “Of a Woman and Her Beauty” – Philosophy on Aesthetics – 9/29/2019

September 29, 2019

“The most comforting sight is the recognition of life, and to see a woman and her beauty will remind one instantly of a mother. The flesh, the soft flesh, the soft breast, that as an infant, one had laid their head against, and wrapped lips around the nipple for the sustenance that also provided comfort. Of beauty and gentleness, there is in it, only sheer recognition to what it represents, the soft glance and the bold eyes, not the hardness dealt from society. For when we cast our eyes upon it, as has been said, we retreat back into innocence. We retreat back into the innocence of the infant, back when all we expected was the softness of the breast, and not the hard beating of the open place called life and independence. There is a dependency in this, to see that which the hardened human relies on for no more than a moment in this solace, and a remembrance to a time when warmth was all one had ever known.”

A Debunk – “Into Democracy and Choice” – 8/20/2019

August 20, 2019

“Does the common fool not comprehend what the ‘freedom to choose’ does to corrupt a society? That is to say that people are more prone to choosing the most comfortable of choices. That is to say that each of these choices are based solely on trust, for those things most comfortable. That is to say that the ‘freedom to choose’ is the sole cause for why ideas, in recent times, have become stagnant, that leadership is only trusted for comfort, and never for newness. That is to finally say that advantage is easily exploited, for Democracy to ever have power. The ‘freedom to choose’ makes the human without wisdom, not typically having true wisdom to comprehend choices related to intellectualism, over choices related to idiocy. This is because the human brain is more-so inclined to make a choice based on comfort, over risk, and there is no other reason.”

Poem – “Cling upon Me” – Romance

August 12, 2019

Cling upon me,
For your immediate comfort.
You have wept with a shivering form,
And eyes that obey all contention.
A face that needs no bliss, as mine
Or your own, for the coming deprivation.

Disease me, your wounds of many fields.
Kiss me, O woman of much gathered,
Suffer not, when the world comes tumbling
Upon our bosoms, so wide and heavy.
We are but deformed infants,
Birthed without care.

When we scream, who will hear us?
When we strike, who will we hit?
When we bleed, who catches such drops?
When we feel, who feels us?

We are so much the crime, the fear for a world,
That turns inside out, to see itself.
We are the parasites for them,
As we care for them.

Oh, beauty.
You have oceans too deep for this world,
And eyes that would strangle its own veins.
Deny me all, so that I may see me maddened,
Make me quiver as you do,
So that I may break your fall.