Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Change of a Human, according to Democracy” – Pt.1 – 9/27/2019

September 27, 2019

“The essence of a choice marks its place, among today’s life, with the idiot who wields comfort. A comforting choice, is the choice that relates itself to a ‘change’. The choice that relates itself to a risk, is the choice that relates itself to improvement. Among idiocy and comfort, there are choices that would stagnate the person back into innocence. We, as humans, in today’s world, no longer give any back-up to the words ‘good’ and ‘evil’, relating them to ‘black’ and ‘white’ and ‘limitation’. A comforting choice, turning a human upon innocence, correlates to the tale of Adam and Eve, the downfall of Man, marking such a ‘downfall’ as the way with a ‘return to the womb’. Comforting choices, mark a descent, or a fall, of Man, back into the womb, where each male human discovers a world, once more, without womanhood.”


Words of Wisdom – “Men of Epstein” – 8/29/2019

August 29, 2019

“Confine the man, and he’ll not find the bars that cage him to be his true prison. With a monster, darkness should be its only company. Why does the monster dwell in darkness? It is so the monster cannot see its own wounds. Allow any particle of light to interfere, and the monster sees its own reflection, and becomes horrified. Confine the man, who is the monster, and the monster will have no choice but to do only one of two things: to sleep, or to contemplate. In contemplation, the bars, nor perhaps the cave, nor even the darkness itself, becomes not the confinement; for the skull of the monster, where dwells the mind of the monster, are its haunting. Keep the monster in total darkness, and the monster sees no shadows. Introduce light, and once again, it is repeated that the monster will see itself. Man is a beast, and he roars. Sodom and Gomorrah, in wherever an Atheist will blame God for the world’s suffering, is not comprehended as the transpired event, only in result of a refusal to listen to the monster’s call. To God’s call, to a terrible beginning, alike to perhaps a still-born infant. Of death and sleep; and then, the notion of the beast and its action. A monster will distract itself with further devious acts. The monster demands only two things, at the furthest extremes: sympathy or further bloodshed.”

Words of Wisdom – “Only Two Forms of Equality” – 6/23/2019

June 23, 2019

“There are only two forms of equality, and they speak the same words: From the rest of love to the rest of death, they are these forms, as love and death, with God resembling the former, and poverty resembling the latter. A decline in the human, has made the human turn away from God, and has made the human as the charitable sort. We have made presidents and prime ministers as God, with charity to their ways. We view them as Saints, though selflessness is not what they promote. The businessman will promote self-preservation, without the need for love. A decline in the human will have made the human turn away from God, and turn unto truth, and through the digging for truth, they will have dug graves. Inevitably, they will believe in poverty, or the ‘closeness to death’ as the new ‘equality’. And this is Socialism, the form of equality that best represents death.”

A Critique on Feminism – “The Destruction of Marriage” – Dialogue

June 16, 2019

Q: You have mentioned that despite Feminism believing itself to better marriage for women, that it was inevitably to destroy the entirety of marriage?

A: It is correct, because Feminism had a main ideal, and that ideal was discontent. The essence behind love is to make a human not want for more, other than the one who they’ve devoted themselves. Love does not make a human want more, and because Feminism has made a woman want more, then marriage inevitably would have succumbed, as it has done.

Q: Could you elaborate on why love is never to be met with discontent?

A: It is because marriage is there as a lock, and bound together, no two of the ones who are married should ever part from the other. Through the marriage, the ‘leaving of the house’ initiates the process of longing, and the forcefulness of patience. A man lacks the most patience over a woman, and his inevitable ways with discipline, does not make him the patient one. Over a man, a woman will listen to words, and words entice the utmost out of patience. Love cannot, or rather, should not be met with discontent, due to how love operates in the sense that love offers rest. Love offers relief, away from the stresses of life.

Q: And on why Feminism would have inevitably succeeded in destroying marriage, and even love?

A: It is because the most discontent find ways to make use of things. And the most useful of things, are in fact, the most useless of things. This is love, the most useless thing, because one is not meant to look upon family through lust. Discontent makes the human want more, and in wanting more, one makes use of tools. When in lust, a human is out of love, and in the process of wanting more, and that is either a child, or escapism away from stagnancy. Creation, that is, to make art, and therefore, the artist is always the one who is discontent. A world that wishes to create further stagnancy is a world that is seeking the other form of equality.

Q: What form of equality is that?

A: There are only two forms of equality: love and death. Love, as the former, is the higher equality. Death, as the latter, is the lesser equality. Meaning, love is raised, and death is lowered; or rather, love raises, and death lowers. A skeleton, when relating to death, is just as any skeleton, by the bones. Through flesh, and through love, we recognize life, the breathing, and the emotions, because we abandon the dead, save for the memories of their life. Through flesh, a human will recognize their beloved, just as a skeleton, were it to walk, would recognize another skeleton as the same, and be a slave. It is so, because a slave has no way to distinguish his misery from another slave. In today’s world, death has grown to be the new form of equality, because truth, or a woman, or flesh, is never raised. This is Socialism, because death, or poverty, is the only other form of equality, besides a love for God, or the love for a husband, being the love for a father.

Words of Wisdom – “Orwellian Tongue” – 5/29/2019

May 29, 2019

“‘Controversial’ is a cute and adorable word, when uttered. Words used to subdue, represent the weakness of a world that doesn’t believe in the firearm. We use words, to hurt, and when sticks and stones begin to hurt, as the saying goes, we revert. We use words, and then we’ll use the sticks and stones, tossing away firearms, to revert to times when the stones of the stone age were present. We’ll once more use flint and steel to create fire. And we’ll see the ‘torch of hope’ extended from an arm as the ‘firearm’. We’ll burn, we’ll twist, we’ll mangle, and we’ll be savages. For what does the ‘firearm’ or the ‘gun’ represent? It represents the Man, to pierce, to take away the virginity from Woman. To make a hole, where things, like truth, had been buried. For a woman’s body is either ravaged and raped, by the savage, or protected by love. As well, we’ll realize something: that we’re all Cain, who kills our brother out of envy. Out of envy, we gain, we feel pride, and for these things, we speak words. Whenever will the ‘banner of pride’ be used to raise tall the head of some enemy?”

How I Abandoned Higher Education – “To the Rats”

May 21, 2019

Higher education has become something of a lesser department where my eyes travel. I only believed in its importance because of the world’s definition of success. This was until I understood that “success” in today’s definition of it, has only to do with guarantees. “Education” is not in with the “higher”, and I’ve come to view it as “Lesser Education” and more of a guarantee. I’ve observed that people do not attend college for an education, to better their minds, to advance their pursuits. It is because genius is there for proof, and if we have a world of individualism, this would mean that we’d breed geniuses like action figures for a toy store. Do we do this? If we do, then genius is not of this kind.

Genius is rare, and is meant to be rare, because genius has everything to do with the extraordinary. Leadership merely requires willingness, and never some ordinary qualification on a paper. Truth has to do with the heart, and has to do with honesty, and never something on a piece of paper. And yet, such pieces of paper are those guarantees, to be “successful” in a world that wouldn’t see you successful, unless you followed a businessman’s interpretation of success. The businessman’s interpretation of “success” in a college is only a guarantee, and never the separation from the crowd so that you truly have a light. For a guarantee is only a guarantee, and is there to blend you in with the rest. Life is mediocre and average, and if one wishes to live this way, then I am not here to dissuade anyone of that.

Since truth has to do with the heart, and not a guarantee on a piece of paper, then truth should also have to do with originality. That originality refers to the individual, and each person will have their own story to share. The beauty of the human being is in the sharing of honesty, not the withholding of it. Those who utter the words “Truth is subjective” are those who believe truth should be withheld, and never shared. Does everyone have their own truth or their own story? Yes. Does this make it subjective? No. All can be an artist of genius if they have the willingness to be that leader, that government, and share what they know. It is called wisdom, and I am aware that Philosophy is very much a neglected subject in today’s “contemporary” world. If truth were subjective, then we’d not see scientists sharing knowledge with the world, nor any philosopher of the past doing the same. It is because perhaps science is the documented and researched source of knowledge, which refers to the “guarantee”, whereas philosophy is mere observation, and one can share an observation without writing about it.

We do tests on people in hospitals, and such requires filing in a cabinet. Guarantees, and trust. Trust is a factor of honesty, as well, and with a corporation’s obsession with “confidentiality”, and a random person’s obsession with “openness”, it seems that things are backwards. A University will offer books and a professor will speak words, though will anyone question them? If a corporation stores information, will anyone question or even hunt for their contents? The answer is no. It is because a corporation that focuses on scientific research will bury truth, whereas a random human will speak it. Philosophy wins in this regard.

I abandoned “Higher Education” and turned it into “Lesser Education” because there is no guarantee. To me, this is merely a reassurance that one will matter in our world. It is satisfaction and comfort, put together to give someone the idea that they will not flunk a course to flunk their life.

Words of Wisdom – “Self-Love is the Epitome of Narcissism”

May 17, 2019

“For the Narcissist to the Empath will differ themselves, in how an Empath will absorb another’s emotions; so, what does a Narcissist do, in this sense? Each emotion would make the Narcissist absorb themselves. So to speak, they’d turn inside-out, and reveal their inside to the world. They’d reveal themselves as hideous, bulbous with flesh, and show a stench to make another retch. Each emotion would be let loose upon the world, to never stray far, but to only ricochet back at the Narcissist in a collision; and the Narcissist would absorb what was never received by another, except for another Narcissist. An Empath will absorb another’s emotion, though never their own. For an Empath sees the world, whereas a Narcissist sees only themselves.”

Excerpt from a Novel – The Devorah of Reims – “A Sweet Realm of Controversy”

May 13, 2019

It is her, The Devorah of Reims, hailed now as a woman of act among the people of Paris. With a smile as wide as her features spread, she is moving, at this moment, with the subtlest of grace that could be imagined of a woman. In Paris, nearest to a war that fills herself with the grains of ignorance flooded to her by the passage of time, that are, as well, as grains.

A girl of seventeen; and a girl whose amiability is as arousing as it is tempestuous, though to recall her age might seem controversial. Who is it to imagine such a description as at all, controversial? Devorah is a flower, or a dove; and not a man upon this time in our story would not endeavor in the chance to turn his head. She is red upon cheeks, and pink upon lips; she is the deepest shade of oak in her tresses, and the same in her eyes. Oh, denizens and citizens of a city that dresses itself in history! Who among the populace could not attempt a look at her face, at Devorah’s face?

Her sweetness is abounding, and her desires are surfacing! At what moment would the man not reach into her bosom to dig out a heart covered in molten ruby?

Her developing form will continue to develop. Her face will continue to become handsomer. Her tone of skin will be whiter in the next half decade. A loveliness to her breath, while lips are pressed to petals that drip the morning dew to her tongue.

Yes; age, her age, being seventeen, should be controversial. Though, to the man and his mind, that could not conquer his heart; so, his heart and himself that follows along to what is seen, there is seen The Devorah of Reims, the beauty of morrows and days. She is the beauty of a dozen years ago, and a dozen years in return for the friendly future.

Just a year, and only a year, in the future, will such words that have been written be needless. In that time, we need not defend. In that time, we need not find an excuse to keep her serving. To serve the contemptable and contemplative hearts that stem into watchful eyes. To serve the eager minds of a study that is brazened by untold words and ingenious metaphors; for to serve the academic would be to serve Bertrand, and to serve the man of metaphors would be to serve Antoine.