Controversial – “How Women are Used as Fodder for Power Schemes” – 3/9/2021

“All of politics is born around a hardened structure, with no stains made from tears, no compassion involved without the stead of deception. Involve softness, and its truth is the reveal behind what any politician attempts to conceal.”

– Modern Romanticism

It is the unfortunate nature of this world, that a woman is the essence of what can be manipulated, over what is needed to be manipulated, down to the last child whose mind must be changed from innocence to derangement. Her form, the clay. Her mind, the secondary virginity. The way the world sculpts a woman to see the world, is how all shall view the same “image”.

Lust is the very nature of convenience. Therefore, for everything unneeded to be, a woman is used for the painstaking task of destroying the reputation of certain targets.

Tell it of a man who has an ongoing scandal. Then, why not bring on the slew of women to simply lay the final nail upon his casket, burying him alive under the media’s heated breath of toxicity? If that is convenient for the opposing politician, then why not? If a woman, to your ordinary politician or the political world, deems it within some personal regard to unearth a certain “softness” to make his opposition soaked by it, then he’ll do so. He’ll do so, simply to show the world that truth is somewhere, though just not upon the surface. Love a woman, and then she is nothing like this. Use a woman, and then she can by anywhere she deceives herself to have the freedom to place herself.

Though, should a woman be hated for any of this? No. Her influencers should, instead, be loathed down to everyone’s last fiber of their being.

A woman, beautiful, though made hideous by each filthy hand that wants to twist her image, to then absorb it into their own power structure. Though, one cannot fault the man by how much of an idiot he is. For he is a child, outside of a woman’s embrace, as he is also a fool within it. A fool, a man is, with or without a woman. A fool for a woman, or a fool for without one, as this is his nature.

In this unchangeable world, of our own, to the constant changes about it, it is through a woman’s endless fog of alteration that power finds its necessary to churn every aspect of the world, through herself. To mold the world, power must mold a woman over it. To change a woman’s mind on what is powerful, the world must be altered by previous generations of women. Power does not “employ” a woman for her skills, though for her image in being able to cause constant changes.

And, again, hatred to the woman is unneeded, of course. However, hatred to her slave-drivers, is necessary.

Philosophy – “Why Redemption must be Accepted as Selfish” – 2/18/2021

“One does not save anything external, after the act of wrongdoing. After wrongdoing, the only one left to save is the self.”

– Modern Romanticism

If we are meant to repair all caused wrongs, having damaged what others trusted us to protect, then the last thing to save becomes the self. Ourselves, through redemption, are selfish. We are only ever seeking to save ourselves from guilt. As guilt must be felt, to some degree, to bring about this repair for ourselves, we then comprehend that we are the damaged one. Redemption is what repairs the self. For to continue repressing this guilt, only leaves us to remain as a monster. We are not ourselves, when we do not use this guilt to strengthen our foundations. As the common monster believes it can ascend beyond others, will be eventual when it can descend, for itself, to the foundations where the beast is upon its knees in submission.

We redeem ourselves, in selfishness, because we are only ever saving ourselves from that guilt. Guilt is an emotion, that for all humans, will gnaw at the mind until a person can only move as a walking corpse. This would be the result, should a person never construct themselves, by that guilt.

To just feel the guilt, will destroy a person’s soul.

Though, to utilize guilt to strengthen where one stands, as their foundations, will better themselves within the future.

However, to keep repressing guilt, will forge a person’s mindset to deny the necessity for being responsible. They will believe in innocence, over guilt, and thus even imagine themselves as a victim.

For our faults, we cling to the delusion of selflessness, in redemption. Though, for reality’s sake, we are only ever saving ourselves. Of guilt, which would eat away at our minds, results in the need to smother it. Though, to believe we can be wholly selfless in an act of redemption, is to forget that we can still cause additional chaos. To remember why we are redeeming ourselves, is to understand how we are faulted, of why we are guilty. As guilt is a personal emotion, showing the most vulnerable areas of a person, betterment can only be of them, when they notice they are wounded.

A person, damaged of the mind, might not realize it. Their denial of being responsible for certain actions, can breed the additional fault. Damage is done unto themselves, their minds, as they continual this denial and repression of guilt. To have no regrets, perhaps might mean one comprehends themselves as sinless, or to say that their actions are too numbered to necessitate redemption. Though, that might mean they have accepted themselves as no more than a human, or even as a monster. This is fine, to such a sort.

Were a human to redeem themselves of being always damaged, then unity would be impossible. We’d always be selfish, not seeing others the same as us, as being wounded.