Chapter I – “Life Loses False Wings” – from “Life Holds no more Funerals” – 5/20/2020

Chapter One "From the eyes of an angel, the black one, there are no more wings to look at. It is even when the sun is out or the moon is full, that the light does not come to her. In the darkness, in her own, there is only the recognition of a sheer blackness… Continue reading Chapter I – “Life Loses False Wings” – from “Life Holds no more Funerals” – 5/20/2020

Poem – “The Weight upon my Palms” – Romance

You surround yourself in an ebony shield,An ebony garb, made by your loathing.It feels to me like a weight upon my palms,For I am the one who holds it close,Like a man without the groping tensionOf one perpetual shame. Disease and wine swim well with the other,How famous we are, when in love,But never so… Continue reading Poem – “The Weight upon my Palms” – Romance

Poem – “Bring me Hope” – Romance

She's not in danger,Not beneath me, the ruler to herNaked empire; of boats upon smooth silk,Of a navy that is swept in maddening windsThat speak in coldness of words.Whispers that threaten and attemptTo subdue that which I desire.They are voices from a different place. She's not in danger,She, the woman whom I seek to gain,As… Continue reading Poem – “Bring me Hope” – Romance

Poem – “Devilish and Keen” – Romance

Romance, in thy very eyes,How devilish are those very tresses,That lash thy keenest neck,That raises to even keener eyes.I have perception to see thy wickedness,And a mark I've burned into thy skin. Where would God tell us to roam,When in this embrace?We have failed among Saints, who had watchedOur faltering.We failed God in His expectancy.… Continue reading Poem – “Devilish and Keen” – Romance