Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Pauper upon the Throne/The Victim upon the Throne/The Wounded upon the Throne, is the Animal on the Throne” – Political Philosophy – 10/14/2019

October 14, 2019

“The start of a Democratic revolution created the dethroning of every Monarch known for every society. All paupers, facing injustice and inequality, comprehended nothing of the word ‘provision’. Any pauper who faces the misery of survival, is never to know the meaning of ‘the offering’. If they have something to give, that would mean they have plenty for themselves. And, most paupers have nothing to give, save for kind stares and warm hearts. Though, to a population under Democratic rule, kind stares and warm hearts do not feed a population. From this, creates greater poverty, under the iron thumb of Socialism.

Paupers, or victims, or the wounded upon the throne of leadership, creates inevitably a nation of consumerism. When a pauper is needy, when a victim is needy, when someone with wounds is needy, they want to consume. Greed is thus the manifestation of that society.”


Words of Wisdom – “The Change of a Human, according to Democracy” – Pt.1 – 9/27/2019

September 27, 2019

“The essence of a choice marks its place, among today’s life, with the idiot who wields comfort. A comforting choice, is the choice that relates itself to a ‘change’. The choice that relates itself to a risk, is the choice that relates itself to improvement. Among idiocy and comfort, there are choices that would stagnate the person back into innocence. We, as humans, in today’s world, no longer give any back-up to the words ‘good’ and ‘evil’, relating them to ‘black’ and ‘white’ and ‘limitation’. A comforting choice, turning a human upon innocence, correlates to the tale of Adam and Eve, the downfall of Man, marking such a ‘downfall’ as the way with a ‘return to the womb’. Comforting choices, mark a descent, or a fall, of Man, back into the womb, where each male human discovers a world, once more, without womanhood.”

Critique – “Of Democracy and the Freedom to Choose” – Pt. 1 – “The Negligence of Patience” – 8/23/2019

August 23, 2019

The freedom to choose comes at a cost.

And to answer what is that cost, there will be the mention of the two opposite dimensions of black and white. There is nothing related to negative or positive when looking upon black and white, if only to comprehend both as merely opposite meanings or definitions to a universal whole.

As each singular path splits into two narrowed choices or two separate paths, they soon become dominated by a one, joining together, through a seed that constricts that path so that a life returns to its origin.

That is to say that a human being has only one path to follow, and to simply stare at the many choices for one’s life, is that; it is to stare at them, and never decide. In today’s “contemporary” world, here we see a manifold of humans from the world over, staring at these paths and continually dwelling in question. They have aborted Traditionalism, because they believed Traditionalism to be restricting them from freedom.

One should also comprehend that the only available freedom lies in the willingness to be enslaved, to be in denial for one’s confusion, and to never receive an answer; for it is because one has fused the word called “wisdom” with the word called “cruelty”. And afterwards, one cannot tell the difference between the two words.

In today’s “contemporary” world, we are now a species that sees ourselves comfortable with reason. For how this is today’s way to live, is only a quicker death, kept in the comfort of solitude, dwelling in that question, over ever receiving an answer. Today’s way of thinking falls around this question, “What can I make of myself?” in contrast to what we said in Traditionalist ways, with, “This is who I am, and there’s nothing I may do for it.”

For the former mindset, that is paramount to today’s “contemporary” world, science has brought about a worldwide culture of flooding the Earth with question, and also offering humanity the comfort in questioning everything. All this does is create a world that has more questions than answers. Would it be so difficult to see that the more we question, the less we know? Would it, as well, be so difficult to see that to comprehend the definition of wisdom, and that is, the more we know, the more we are willing to lose everything we have learned? We will find bliss in that loss.

The more control, and the more a corporation places everything in a cloud of “convenience” are the times we’ve spent wondering if we will be better off without the convenience. And why is this? It is because by losing all in an instant, it becomes a relief. Humanity is tormented not by knowledge, though by the wisdom that again, would make a human blissful were they to suddenly become ignorant.

And for the purpose to our desire to question: there is a current underlying motive for a human, to remain as a child, to call oneself innocent; for the more we promote denial, being Nihilistic morons that we’ve come to be, since the early 20th century, we will remain as children, in this eternal desire to question.

Transgenders will mention themselves as not confused, and yet, alteration of truth is their motive. The definition of confusion is in the alteration of truth. It is in the question, and not the answer. To draw away from truth, makes oneself cling less to God, and more to themselves. A human cannot create truth; a human can only change it.

Through arrogance, change makes the human a monster, and their denial embedded in endless question, makes the human never aware of their hideousness.

Words of Wisdom – “The Failure of Sympathy” – 8/20/2019

August 20, 2019

“Love directs itself not to sympathy, though to empathy, as empathy deals itself in the heart. Sympathy deals itself upon the body. Sympathy has a method of believing a wound to be as any other wound. A government cannot comprehend a population’s individual wounds, and will take to simplification of all manner of artistry. That is, the needs, the cravings, of the creator, always come in contact with Individualism. Sympathy is the act of believing one need to be as any other need. To look upon an industry of music, and hearing one song as identical to the other; this is the work of sympathy. To look upon a world of culinary arts, and taste one cuisine as identical to the other, though merely focusing on the brand; this is the work of sympathy. Empathy will target, and will target specifics and details; it will be precise, and will occupy itself in one’s pain, in one’s specific desires, by not believing one to be the same as another.”

A Debunk – “To Why Black & White Creates Sense” – 8/20/2019

August 20, 2019

“To the center, is what the business will say to every consumer. And to believe in yourself, to make a choice, is what the business will say to every consumer. And to understand yourself, for those choices, is what the business will say to every consumer. A moronic society of ‘choice’ has come about, in the ‘positive attitude’ of approval. That is, a head will nod in the direction of the product most desired. A head will then, as well, turn away from the product least desired. At the center, where people are comforted, at their core, in their understanding, is there each person is most vulnerable. Do we experience equality in this? We do, for we end up massacred in every situation where we fight over the last scrap. When two looters rob a store, there will be the expected chance of the two looters exchanging glances, and immediately comprehending their thoughts. And we end up exploited, in this, for a choice is as loose as to choose to end one’s life. A ‘choice’ is merely a notion of belief towards freedom, and yet, it creates only the vulnerability expected of anyone never believing in correct decisions. It merely places each individual at that center, where understanding is made in the realm of comfort. In the realm of comfort, we never take risks, because no soldier is truly heroic, being scared for his own life, and that gray area is where most understanding exists, though for the self. Selfish choices, in the manner of never realizing that without black and white, there is only a world where people are consumed, and consumers only starve themselves.”

A Debunk – “Into Democracy and Choice” – 8/20/2019

August 20, 2019

“Does the common fool not comprehend what the ‘freedom to choose’ does to corrupt a society? That is to say that people are more prone to choosing the most comfortable of choices. That is to say that each of these choices are based solely on trust, for those things most comfortable. That is to say that the ‘freedom to choose’ is the sole cause for why ideas, in recent times, have become stagnant, that leadership is only trusted for comfort, and never for newness. That is to finally say that advantage is easily exploited, for Democracy to ever have power. The ‘freedom to choose’ makes the human without wisdom, not typically having true wisdom to comprehend choices related to intellectualism, over choices related to idiocy. This is because the human brain is more-so inclined to make a choice based on comfort, over risk, and there is no other reason.”