Philosophy – “A Single Idiocy in Breaking from Tradition” – 7/13/2020

“The one beauty in this world, is the one worth protecting.”

– Modern Romanticism

From eating the skin of a salmon for “health benefits”, to making love in the morning when a man’s testosterone is highest, there seems to be an offset for what is traditional, in favor for what is “beneficial”. Nothing can be appreciated of its non-material value, when everything will simply benefit the form. We become scientific fools who do not even realize that our “arts” are not for the mind, though are for the form. The human body is the only thing optimized by repetition. To make an example of that, how often does the body need to be nourished so it does not starve? Often, and always. To its opposite, how often does a person’s mind need to be reminded of another’s love to them? Not at all, if the love has already been proven through a single act.

Repetition does not benefit the mind, like it benefits the human form. We break from tradition, only to place ourselves directly on the side of “utility”. It is because we will inevitably see the mind in terms of benefit to be “impractical” or “useless” of questioning what benefits the body. Why would anyone question that a person needs to eat, or drink water? Therefore, anything that benefits the mind will be useless, and therefore be given no vast audience to it. Though, when it comes to mass marketing for a large crowd, there will be everything for utility’s sake, and thus, everyone is like a pauper eager for consumption.

It is the exact reason why libraries and museums are not as “popular” as the video game industry or YouTube. Attentions spans, that have much relation to non-material relationships such as with romantic partnerships, will be lessened in favor of the physical, versus the metaphysical. The metaphysical, being of the mind, being of love, becomes less the focus, and the form becomes more the focus. It is to state that when love is seen as “highest”, it means just that. It is to say that a beloved should not be shortened of attention given to them, or else be more consumed with consumption, and everyone is a slave or tool.

Love is the only emotion that needs just a single act, a single dedication of proof, for it to be proven non-material in its value. And, for the remembrance of what is still valued by a beloved, that is the memory of when the love was proven.

Breaking from tradition seizes a person in their slow captivation, to be let on the lane that goes forth into fast and repeated so-called “progress”. Yet, we forget our minds, become stupid, even if science is on our side. The only value that truly exists in this world, is a one that doesn’t exist. As in, it isn’t craved. It is needed. That is, love is required to validate our existence. Anything from love, being of acceptance and appreciation, turns us from being invisible to being visible. Thus, we exist, through love. Because, when we are loved, we are seen. Though, it is only out of love that we are seen. See anything not through loving eyes, and one is seeing something so physical that it is disregarded of its human side.

Tradition represents value, though a slow one. Break from tradition, and one literally has broken something into fragments. Repeated fragments, of something so disordered as to be like pieces of bread, for the paupers who are the consumers.

A Quote of Wisdom – “The Error in the Literal Belief of an Afterlife” – 4/30/2020

There are many who thrive upon the word “evidence” to support there being something of “existence”. When does something of non-existence, ever become something of existence, without belief? What does not exist, must require belief, for it to exist. It is not delusion, though is simple belief, because it is as loose as love is free. As free as a heart can be given to someone who is alone, or as free as some sentiment of compassion given unto someone who is suffering, all things of this nature are simply done, because we can. We love because we can, and we believe because we can. There is no reason, nor an excuse, nor a need, to believe when it is as free as love.

The afterlife is one such example of science believing it needing “evidence” to support its existence. Though, what the exact definition of an afterlife is, that can be connected to whatever science desires for evidence, can be understood from death. As well, from surrounding life, because after someone has died, it is life that remembers the life. Life does not remember the death, because remaining life has not experienced death. We do not remember failure, because the only failure was the one that killed the life off. Therefore, the meaning of an “afterlife” is in those still alive to remember the one who had died. A funeral, where memories are cherished, and where memories are simply remembered. That is an afterlife. It is history being written, and a dead person’s memory “living on” into eternity. So long as there are people to remember that dead person who once lived, there is an afterlife.

There is “life after death”, when we remember what the person did in their lives, their achievements among children and other creations, as these things are treasured. If a Christian will deny this, then are they blind when reading Biblical verses? Within Biblical versus, it is written over again that love is the eternal emotion. God reigns over love, as it is said. Humans only crave evidence, because humans have flesh. They have evidence of their own flesh. Flesh and matter, are examples of evidence. Therefore, humans crave evidence, are the creators of the fields of science, because of a human’s natural appetite, in terms of desire and craving. To crave knowledge, is to simply crave. In what is of God, of love, these are non-existences, that can only turn into existence, through belief. We believe in love, the same way as we believe in God, or in the same way as we would believe in anyone we, in one moment, say is never there for us. We simply believe in their existence, when we trust them.

Love is not an emotion to be taken literally, because it is an emotion without mass, without matter. It has no physical form, meaning it is of no existence. The afterlife is a place of nothing imagined, though is what surrounds us, being remaining life. For what makes love eternal, is how those memories last in the hearts of those who loved the dead individual. Even if everyone hated the dead individual, because the dead individual was evil, we would not remember their evil. They were alive long enough to be criticized, and now that they are dead, it is too late to better them. That is where the forgiveness takes place. We are bound to forgiveness, when no one can hate death, though will love life.

Poem – “The Wrath of God” – Biblical/Romantic

Fill me with the energy,
To attack a traitor.
I saw her playing with power,
Under the sun.
Under her round moon,
A face of many.
Ovular as eggs,
To plant creation into a nest,
A bosom white,
Dropping the hued-red apples.

Though, she’s betrayed all of love,
All of the safety from a ruler.
She faces the wrath of God.
The downpour from His hand;
The Hand of God constructs decimation,
Among the fertile land.
Love, I would, but I strike the fever,
And lash it from existence.

What beauty to lift,
When now, strips of flesh?

What flesh to bury,
Beneath soil and bone,
When now, she’ll be scattered?
The wrath of God is all-honest,
All devoted to the disconnection.
My misery starts when unfurled.

I come upon her with a frenzy,
A makeshift testimony
An unparalleled ceremony,
Of bloodied tides and powdered teeth.
A loveliness!
I hold a body covered in crimson sheets.

I held a power,
The wrath of God.
And now is held a guilt,
All too natural.
For my death,
Will be by hands of my own.