Philosophy – “The Rights of a Nation’s Citizens” – 1/10/2021

“Those people who firmly believe a nation’s leadership should protect its citizen’s rights, are the same fools who have handed them over.”

– Modern Romanticism

If life is seen as temporary, then it’s not the same as love being of eternity. This must mean that a person’s right to live, is indeed such, though a temporary one. A right is as temporary as life, because it is something earned. Is love earned? Since love is not, then such makes it pertain to power. When certain sorts are accepted in the name of their love, there will be others who are not given room for such an embrace.

A leadership cannot be a citizen’s mother. For if a mother is meant to love her children equally, then it will not be the same of a biased leadership. Of one that chooses sides, rather than stands for actual equality. What mother sees one child as better than the rest? If that is ever the case, it was not love, though the favoritism many people will confuse for love. No parent, along with no government or leadership, can “love” their people, equally. For it must be only that a people can love their own country. That’s the same as understanding the oneness that does not break apart.

A divisionary will see its people as groups, while a patriot will see their reflection in their own country’s soil. No division can come from the patriot’s mentality that coordinates what they see in an undivided reflection, in the earth at their feet.

If a right is the same as life, then power can be the thing given. If a person states to another that they have the “right” to commit an act, it might be confused for them actually possessing the power to do it. A right is confused with power, just as life is believed to be opposite from death, or that respect is confused with love. Is love earned? Is death earned? Is punishment ever truly “earned”? Love is not earned, just as respect is not freely given. Death is not meant to be earned, just as life is always meant to be protected. Punishment is never truly earned, because forgiveness is the gift in which some take advantage of, for another betrayal. Abuse always comes, when not a right, though a power, is misused for one’s own greed.

People protect life. We find no meaning in protecting our memories stored in our minds, whether to be tragic or joyful, that inevitably live on, forever. It is that people protect life to make more memories, not so the person who we protected, and now failed to protect, soon becomes one.

If a nation’s citizens have given over their rights, then that is the same as giving a leadership more power. If a nation’s citizens cannot protect their own rights, then that is the same as believing life was always permanent. If a nation’s citizens cannot find their rights to be privileged and temporary, then they have lost the ability to love and protect what can disappear, tomorrow.