Philosophy – “The Meaning Behind the Fall of Man” – 9/25/2022

“Feminism has inadvertently implied that men will be to blame for this world’s crisis, in its definition of what it means to fall. To die. To be in love. In essence, to protect and to take the blame for struggle.”

– Modern Romanticism

What does it mean for a man to love? What does it mean when a feminist woman will point out men as the cause to this world’s struggles and crises? Why, it must mean that men are still out to protect a woman, even under philosophies imposed by feminism. To fall. To take the blame. To perhaps, even by a man’s own words (and actions), state and prove that his female partner is not to blame, never allowed hurt, and never to receive the burn of implication. It must be, that if it has been deemed as a sexist view to women that she is “weak”, feminism has attempted to thwart this “societal mindset” to counteract it simply with “who to blame”. If men are to blame, then men are still sexist, are they not? Or nature is simply upholding its fundamentals, by proving that feminism has not accomplished anything, other than paint a different color onto a merely perceived issue.

Men cannot be inherently sexist, if even feminism is admitting that men should protect a “weak” woman, because he is to blame, not her. In that case, sexism does not exist, though ignorance does. Feminism would be the source of ignorance, in this, when it misunderstands its own philosophies. In feminism’s attempt to thwart sexism, it has reinforced it. It has reinforced a non-existent notion, being sexism, that in its non-existence, has no meaning among this blatant contradiction. A contradiction that, again, states a man must be held responsible for this world’s issues, though the contradiction lies upon not recognizing that whatever issues of “sexism” a man has, he simply acts according to his nature. And women act according to their nature, though feminism’s philosophies are ignorant of what nature, itself, has structured men and women to be. Men protect women, for this is what feminism, itself, believes. Though, this might be its own reason for becoming increasingly radical. Its increased radicalism has resulted from fighting against an incurable “issue”. For what mad scientist doesn’t become maddened, if not because of needing to resort to more drastic measures because all other methods have proven ineffective?

Men fall for women. Whether to die for her, or to be in love with her, he will fall. He will even fall, under her deception, when it is feminism that has revealed its own ignorance for its own philosophies. Men fall, because they are fated to. Men fall, because they cannot fall, by themselves, without losing purpose and dying in vain. Men go to war, because they want to die. Men love women, because they want to see how long they can last. A man proves his strength without understanding it, while a woman will blame a strong man because deception is a trait of ignorance. Even when falling, a strong man found purpose in doing so. Even though painful, a man protects. Even when blamed, a man protects. A man is strong, because he realizes he is cursed to be.