Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “A State of Perpetual Distrust as a Form of Foolish Wisdom” – Philosophy on Love – 10/16/2019

October 16, 2019

“I have come across those who state to never trust those out of caution for a world too distrusting, though their state of distrust has only come about from frequent experiences of betrayal. It should be made into academia, whatever mindset causes a person to be attracted to those never meant to be trusted. Those with bad hearts, are spoiled apples, and they end up spoiling the entire batch, as the saying goes. And yet, where is the belief in the word ‘proof’? As trust is earned, so is distrust. One proves themselves able enough to be trusted, or unable enough to be distrusted. Both require proof, and so, where is the wisdom in stating that a person should be immediately distrusted, though perhaps even treat that same person as a friend? Where is the purpose, when around someone said to be a friend, to cast wary glances in that friend’s way? Such only causes that friend of the distrusting individual, to be hurt, until their own heart turns just as spoiled as the distrusting one. For that is because this ‘perpetual state of distrust’ is merely a subtle form of betrayal.”


Words of Wisdom – “Worth is a Judgement” – 8/12/2019

August 12, 2019

“Has the bottle of wine knowledge of its worth without the connoisseur to name it? Has the book that has been translated extensively knowledge of its own worth, or even of the worth of knowledge within it, without another to name it? No.

Those who say that the one can only define themselves, are wrong.

This is the mindset of a someone who believes them to be the last person remaining on earth. That they have defeated all opponents, are safe because no one dares to challenge them, and the status they place upon themselves is ‘free to roam’.

They are people who have awoken to find themselves standing as the ruler to every forest and every lake. That is, they are the epitome to every fragment of arrogance a human has ever displayed, either spoken by word, or revealed by gesture of hand.

Where is the contentment in knowing that one’s own worth is only judged by the self? These are people who believe themselves incapable of being controlled or dominated. It opens up vulnerability, and even of themselves, they are unable to contain their own weaknesses.

That is, again, a belief in the comfort of loneliness. Sheltered by either a corner, or by complete darkness, that is the soul of such a person.

They are also people to believe that a friend is the only sort of person to ever show honesty. This is an untrue assumption.

One’s enemy will show more truth than ever a friend will speak of it. That is because one always avoids their vulnerabilities. That is to say that such people always lie to themselves. In every battle a human faces, or every trial, or every discipline, there is always discovery. That is to say that the greatest of discovery always comes from knowing one’s enemies.

And within a world with a mindset that tells the individual to only trust friendship, and to be the only one to define themselves, makes the individual without discovery. They are stagnant. And when something is stagnant for too long, it begins to decline.

To imagine the object when it rises, it must stay still for a moment, before it descends.

Such truth from an enemy is always greater than ever a friend will show. How is this? It is because a friend is already known. An enemy is unknown, and most certainly because he’s always avoided.

And most of all, a friend will never be fully honest with their own friend, will be fearful of speaking directly about another’s flaws, for fear of becoming their enemy.

From an enemy, worth is judged.

From a friend, worth is stagnant, and age never carries along the maturity one is supposed to manifest of themselves, through wisdom.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Mentality of the Stranger” – 7/23/2019

July 23, 2019

“I reject the idiotic philosophy that describes the ‘stranger’ as less truthful over the friend, when such is never the case. People are morons to say that honesty only resonates from those ‘most trusted’. It is an aspect of ‘safety’ among a nation, because honesty only exists among fresh perspectives, and objectively only as that; for it is that a friend is less likely to hurt their own friend, and a stranger will hurt another, for any reason drawn. Out of anger, the murderer expresses the greatest form of honesty. For a heart only shows truth when nothing is held back. That is honesty. Beautiful honesty resonates in blood, shown and clear in its glistening beneath either sun or moon.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Distrusted Individual” – 7/15/2019

July 15, 2019

“The individual reigns in all their choices? Is it so that a person will find their situation as normal, and such should be left as is? What kind of philosophy is this? What does it create besides a world of distrust? We believe the individual to be in full control, and what about the individual’s own family and friends? Are they not to offer input? Are we, as individuals, soon better off blocking out all criticism, labeling it as ‘negativity’, and viewing ourselves as the only right ones? The individual would be very lonely in their own little habitat of normality. They’d say, ‘What I do is deemed as right only by me’, and be better off not knowing what another thinks on their actions. All this does is create that aforementioned ‘world of distrust’ between the common human. What people call ‘strangers’ could be friends, for every friend had once been a stranger.”