Philosophy – “Why to be Humble for Identity” – 1/6/2021

“Sinister is the one who gains a high on their own self, while their actions are left to the negligence of others. To be proud for identity is no different than your average historical dictator, who through his own pride to his idealist nature, found that others shamed what he did which either was to the negligence or outward brutality upon his people.”

– Modern Romanticism

What defines the monster? It is the he who neglects or is brutal, while also possessing a prideful self in the mannerism of narcissism. The narcissist only ever looks upon reflections of similarity. They do not see, nor just wish, to find interest in another’s viewpoint. Similarity attracts the narcissist to either the literal mirror, or to the reflection within a pair of eyes where they see wholly themselves.

Humility for the self, does not generate narcissism. For if a soldier can be boastful of who they saved, it would be no different than this “pride culture” of those who take to the highness of themselves by believing someone owes them something. If a soldier boasts proudly about who they saved within earshot of the person whose life was nearly gone, that latter person would hold a sense of guilt in them. That is because there is no repayment to a life saved. Therefore, to the prideful people in this world for their identity, how are they heroes? How can a hero be boastful for non-selfless acts, if they weren’t just selfish?

Selflessness is heroism. To be prideful for nothing more than one’s own identity, will leave all action to the negligence of it. We cannot love, if we are not heroes. And, we cannot be heroes, if we cannot be humble for who we are, within the presence of those we have saved through our love.