Quote – “The Definition of an Interpretation” – 7/16/2020

“An interpretation holds a singular meaning: to splinter away what is perceived to be a whole, into now an incompletion. The incomplete picture is the entire picture interpreted. One can look at what it means to interpret something like tearing off a fragment of a portrait painting, such as the drawn-in mouth, so that only the nose, eyes, and cheeks remain. An interpretation is to simply pull away a portion of what was once complete, to now be incomplete.”

– A Fine Line for Justice

Quote – “Why to not Interpret Justice” – 5/30/2020

“Over the meaning of life, justice has no meaning to any interpretation, other than how justice defines itself. It is a danger to interpret justice. As much as a person would want the liberty of doing so, interpreting justice would mean to have one’s own brand of it, making their ‘form of justice’ more-so suited with the meaning of vengeance.

Perhaps it is also the case that anyone’s form of doing one thing, inevitably turns their motives into that of personal greed and desire. The gain, versus the selfless act of fighting for another.”

– Anonymous

Quote – “A Need to not Tolerate Interpretation” – 5/30/2020

“Think of the ‘interpretation’ of an event, of an individual, of any single thing the two eyes of someone can lay upon, as falling on the side of ‘personal desire’ versus ‘justice’. No one should be allowed to interpret what justice means, in this world. There are certain things to know, certain rules to follow, that are supposed to have the strictest set of laws so that those followings are never broken. Give people enough freedom, and they will fall on that realm of ‘personal desire’ versus ‘justice’. Do not claim vengeance to be the same as justice, and do not claim ‘your’ breed of justice to be any different from anyone else’s. There is no freedom to the word ‘justice’. There is only freedom to the word ‘interpretation’, as that is a freedom to create the onset of pitiful human desire.”

– Anonymous