Poem – “Happy with Laughter” – 3/22/2020

Just a lie,Once jovial, with a crooked smile.Now wanting to lieDown on the brick surface,And face the skyWanting to die.Because the world could not shyAway from my mask.They merely gasped,They merely whisperedWhat they were glimpsingAnd who they were glancingWith such a blow as their stareAgainst my cheeksWhere marks come upliftedThe smile that was never there,The… Continue reading Poem – “Happy with Laughter” – 3/22/2020

Philosophy – “The Oxymoron of Creative Non-Fiction” – 12/18/2019

If non-fiction is defined as the recount of a specific event that occurred in reality, then just how much creativity can be attributed to a real occurrence, before it becomes fiction? As in, the truth must be nothing but the truth, and if this is a fact, then where is the line for the creativity?… Continue reading Philosophy – “The Oxymoron of Creative Non-Fiction” – 12/18/2019