Poem – “Tena, Tena, offer Me your Lips” – Romance/Personal Poem

Find me where wine surrounds,An airport and its buzzing engines.Find me, for me to nestle myself in your heart,Find faces to feel their praise.I will love until eternity is torn apart,We will love until paradise is what surrounds,With violet scents,And beauty's dose of awe. Safety is where I will find your touch,Your lips is where… Continue reading Poem – “Tena, Tena, offer Me your Lips” – Romance/Personal Poem

Poem – “The Rain from Your Eyes” – Romance

Let fall what water will drop to taste,The shadow from a woman's edgesTo blue eyes within a puddle of ivory.I feel from them, the ripples of despair,The love we behold, is a pain of memory,Love has been bridged,Over cherished hills of cherry tops.Above a breast and a nipple,And two lips that aim to kiss,The temple… Continue reading Poem – “The Rain from Your Eyes” – Romance

Poem – “The Slender Candle” – Romance

Her ethereal,Becomes commonplace,When as the witness,To the sight of depravity. The sight of God,Too bright,For wicked stains,Of blight,To make a grand performance,For the mark of love. She has the form of an infant,But the exquisiteness of the priestess.She has the desires of Eve,And the embellishments of Adam. She has the warmth from the sun,Though, the… Continue reading Poem – “The Slender Candle” – Romance

“Parted Lips” – Poem – Romantic

I fell upon thy parted lips,And fled among their washed hue,Never knew, never knew,The placement of their kind,That were drawn over a face of mine.Your parted lips,Are as my own. A woman, and a man,Your beauty, and my insanity,We've both done wrong,To fall apart, and to be anew. I am in love only with water,Because… Continue reading “Parted Lips” – Poem – Romantic