Dialogue – “A Person’s Steering from Negativity as a Wrong” – 7/15/2019

Q: You have mentioned that ‘failure’ is indeed what a person these days has said to be a wrong in even mentioning; that people these days have forgone even the mentioning of the word, and that this is also a wrong. Will you elaborate?

A: “Failure” is a motive. To not mention the word makes a human more afraid of failure, and more in liking of success than ever in history. We are meant to be depressed through failure, because that depression makes us more likely to never commit to that action ever again. Especially if such an action has created harm to either ourselves or to others, we should name the action a failure, and never attempt it, again. We, as humans, wish to be away from failure, and never call a “failed attempt” a failure, and from this, we are more alike the dead, then with the living.

Q: How are we, as failing humans, more alike the dead, than the living?

A: As living humans, we are here to accept insults and belittlement, as much as possible. We grow strong through the insult, when it hurts. When we discourage the insult, we grow afraid of pain, and also failure. When a human has died, a dead human cannot be criticized. It is simply impossible. Or rather, it is possible, of course, but it is a waste of breath. To imagine the dying father, who has a son who had perhaps forty years to speak his own mind, now has waited until the bitter end to say everything, would be cowardly. And it is for this reason, when in comparison to fear, that such a failure would be a motivation for life, not a word to escape from, and avoid. Fear is an incredible motivator.

Q: And finally, you have mentioned that the living human is rather, the dead human, because they are more in comparison to dead, when they have escaped from criticism. Will you elaborate?

A: Indeed, as a dead human, though with a beating heart, such people have run away from failure, and have seen failure as a merciless word. They will say, “Do not see your actions as failures.” Though, such a mentality only breeds a mind that will ignore failure, itself. A mistake is only a synonym to the word “failure”, for both must have the consequences to brave with responsibility. The dead person has no responsibility. The live person does have infinite responsibility. The dead person is carried to their grave, with limp limbs. There is no more strength in them, now that they are dead. What is the live one, if they act the same? They are the weak and dependent person, objectively speaking, when in comparison to the dead. As a dead human, with a beating heart, they are praised for their successes, and never criticized. This is to say that the more a person clears themselves of criticism, the more they clear themselves of life and humanity.

Poem – “The Slender Candle” – Romance

Her ethereal,
Becomes commonplace,
When as the witness,
To the sight of depravity.

The sight of God,
Too bright,
For wicked stains,
Of blight,
To make a grand performance,
For the mark of love.

She has the form of an infant,
But the exquisiteness of the priestess.
She has the desires of Eve,
And the embellishments of Adam.

She has the warmth from the sun,
Though, the coldness from the moon
Will bend closer for the kiss.
The destitute pauper, is me, and forgotten.

The lid has opened,
To my frigid heart.
My pain comes forth,
From a contented Hell.

A surge,
A sibling called Appetite,
Has craved the heart,
Of her, the despair.

I am solidness,
She is a base,
For my liquid structure,
To become hate.

She is the only moon,
To have a singular face.
And the only doubt,
That I cannot race.