Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “A Man’s Guilt” – Pt. 3 – 8/10/2019

August 10, 2019

“There is no logical explanation on how a woman desires the same level of achievement gained by a man. Does she desire the same feeling of guilt? Does she perhaps yearn to become a rapist?

It is not ‘opportunity for the sake of opportunity’ offered to a man, strictly by a rule written in some book. Once more, his desire to achieve comes through compensation. His own personal compensation, that is, and such money that he gains holds the same definition of ‘compensation’. A woman, if not able to comprehend, then at least see a man’s torment in such guilt that has afflicted him since birth.

Once more, a man doesn’t receive opportunity through a right. He receives opportunity through relief. He is punished by guilt, and it is no secret that his brutality has turned him into a war or power hungry fool, and his innate ambition has brought on the territorial and land-marking crime organizations.

We should say also that his ‘love of gain’ becomes immediately simplified upon receiving the love from a woman. For he creates cycles within beginnings, through an injected seed into a womb. And why had it been a custom for him to want a son, over a daughter? Once more, it was not a rule, but an instinct of a man to continue this cycle, of this cycle of pride and achievement, and then, forgiveness.

Continuation, that is, and life must continue, and thus, comes the continuation and non-stop creationism, among numerous achievements. He is achieving for his own relief, to have an orgasm, perhaps, and continue the barbarism, and the brutality.

Forgiveness is displayed through the glassy eyes of a woman.

He was not willing to see himself.

Of all he has gained, now the guilt has turned into a oneness. A woman, and now his guilt has been erased. She offers him comfort, not further distress. She offers him silence, not further loudness from gunfire.

Keep the man locked up, and his thoughts are his only company.

Keep him alone, in the dark, and the monster sees all his wounds from those who’ve repeatedly tried to slay him.”

Poem – The Conquered Woman – “The Sweet Kiss upon the North” – Part I – 7/12/2019

July 12, 2019

We were made to adore,
The liveliness of life,
The sweetness of a kiss,
Upon the North, above your head, on the lids
To your fabulous eyes;

It has divided my territory.

I had once conquered all,
I believed I was once God,
The wielder of life.
Simplicity is only made through smallness,
And the sameness of what I recognize.
When I kiss thee, all of Heaven falls.

Afore the South, where strands become hazed,
Where strands are there like threads of silk,
Of damask, of embroidered velvet.
I fall upwards to see Heaven, to see a true God.
One of whom, I may willingly submit,
I bend my knee, to see thee. I have seen God.

The God between thy legs,
No, the God upon thy eyes, upon thy lips,
Their sweetness beckons a kiss,
To land, to smother, to make me think
On my own time, when to consider,
Who I am, as a man, with fault.

Words of Wisdom – “Forgiveness as the more Potent Weapon over Vengeance” – 7/9/2019

July 9, 2019

“There are those women who’d say that femininity is inferior to masculinity. They are also the women to say that femininity is merely subjective, and cannot ever be defined as an absolute. Then, consider this: in saying that femininity is related to forgiveness, then we’d say that masculinity is related to rage and aggression. We should easily comprehend that forgiveness is the unexpected, because an instinct of humans is to be vengeful, to enact revenge under the spell of rage. An emotion as rage has enticed the want to murder. Forgiveness must, therefore, be in close connection with femininity; though, to a woman, that which is ‘before her’ is God, and that which is at first instinct is honesty. A woman adores honesty. Therefore, that which is ‘before her’ is the most open and direct, and she is immensely curious over it. The freedom, the forwardness, creates the sexual freedom from the Femme Fatale, and a Femme Fatale adores vengeance. She believes it to be sweet from the seduction she formulates with her fingers and lips. She makes what she will of herself, because beauty, as well as truth, is so easily sculpted, that there will be a mess, in the most literal sense. Forgiveness is the power of the unexpected, because the expected emotion is to sue someone who had run someone over on the road. The unexpected emotion is to turn to forgiveness, and this becomes the power of reason.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Man to the Woman” – 6/11/2019

June 11, 2019

“There is nothing else more worth the task than for a man to fight for what a man desires. His insecurity is his worst enemy, and will become his death, should he never fight that uncertainty with driving force. For a man is nothing, should he not know his wants at their immediate sight. These wants should refrain a man from ascending higher than that woman. In the physical sense, he is taller. In the egotistical sense, should he raise himself tall, then he must be dragged down. This becomes the duty of a woman; to drag down what should belong in rest. He seeks destruction, and seeks other’s destruction, and a woman’s ultimate display of sympathy is when she can pull God down from His throne. Though, to replace that wickedness, would not be noble as joining him in that rest.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Good Man to the Bad Man” – 6/3/2019

June 3, 2019

“The difference between God and deception, is in the very difference between Man and Woman, where God, as Man, will lift a woman so that she may see the earth’s green and blue. As for deception, deception will only lift a woman so that she may contribute to the burying of truth. In the latter scenario, a woman will no longer preserve the weak. She’ll multiply the weak, and find them to lack use, so she destroys them. No longer will compassion be of her heart. No longer will empathy be of her heart. She had been lifted by deception, promised power, and now sees the ‘possibilities’ or ‘opportunities’ as the multiple devices as her chosen toys. She pierces, she mesmerizes, and her contribution is not mercy, but the destruction for the sake of a crude smile.”