Philosophy – “The Reason for the Coronavirus” – 7/30/2020

“Growth is elevated to the point of comfort. To that degree, humans must decline in numbers so that external stability is generated. Survival is the most prominent necessity for any organism, making life so precious in its fight to remain.”

– Modern Romanticism

Many factors exist within what is to be said, here. Though, two hold the most power, for why the novel Coronavirus has appeared:

  1. Overpopulation.
  2. A lack of trust among individuals, that has turned reproduction from love to appetite.

Why did the Coronavirus begin in China? It did, because China is the most overpopulated nation on this planet, called Earth. Overpopulation is an aspect to Mother Nature’s maintained organisms, that is seen by Her to be something deathly when it is grown to the point of perpetual comfort. Strife from loss is the necessary ingredient to allow a species’ will to survive. That is because to elevate oneself, again, to the height of love, one wishes to be in comfort, once more. It is through the loss of who we love, that we lean into what it means to never lose, to always win, and to survive. We, as a species, become unified under this pain of loss for who we love, as we work to love everyone.

Overpopulation is the growth of vast numbers, to the point of being chaotic. When we overpopulate, we begin to starve. When we do, love no longer is needed for what it means to populate a nation. For we engage in sexual intercourse out of trust. As trust is aligned with love, we comprehend that we are at ease, in comfort, with the one who is trusted. We are elevated to the point of knowing that our trust was well-founded, and not offered in vain. Though, when sexual intercourse becomes nothing more than appetite, we are showing the signs that those who we are meant to love, become as expendable as food and water. In that sheer “comfort”, we are lacking of trust, as we are lacking of love, because we no longer need to trust what we can get close to, to consume. In that, we become easily deceived, begin to label every view as a “perspective”, and thus, we begin to believe only in ourselves.

In that literal division, a person is no longer close, through trust. When the Coronavirus appeared, it occurred during the height of mutual distrust. Why else did it occur, in China? Why else did it happen, during a time when political upheaval was so focused? Overpopulation divides, when no one can trust who happens to be so close. That is because when overpopulation occurs, which becomes the case that people are physically close to each other, regardless, then trust is not needed. For trust is only ever needed, when we can take a risk.