A Debunk – “To Why Black & White Creates Sense” – 8/20/2019

“To the center, is what the business will say to every consumer. And to believe in yourself, to make a choice, is what the business will say to every consumer. And to understand yourself, for those choices, is what the business will say to every consumer. A moronic society of ‘choice’ has come about, in the ‘positive attitude’ of approval. That is, a head will nod in the direction of the product most desired. A head will then, as well, turn away from the product least desired. At the center, where people are comforted, at their core, in their understanding, is there each person is most vulnerable. Do we experience equality in this? We do, for we end up massacred in every situation where we fight over the last scrap. When two looters rob a store, there will be the expected chance of the two looters exchanging glances, and immediately comprehending their thoughts. And we end up exploited, in this, for a choice is as loose as to choose to end one’s life. A ‘choice’ is merely a notion of belief towards freedom, and yet, it creates only the vulnerability expected of anyone never believing in correct decisions. It merely places each individual at that center, where understanding is made in the realm of comfort. In the realm of comfort, we never take risks, because no soldier is truly heroic, being scared for his own life, and that gray area is where most understanding exists, though for the self. Selfish choices, in the manner of never realizing that without black and white, there is only a world where people are consumed, and consumers only starve themselves.”