Poem – “Possessed by a Woman” – 8/18/2019

As I weep,
Her power is still overcoming
Each shed drop.
I still love, with a breath that cannot still
Itself, with her fragrance,
Her own breath, a spice and a rose,
And a blush to her cheek,
That I cannot tell to be,
Embarrassment or pleasure.

Face in my palms,
And beauty has now possessed me.
I weep a newborn tear,
To let my feet catch its descent,
When I clear away my hands.
I no longer shield my eyes,
With the palms from a man
Who has done no good.
All I offer is words, and no truth.

Afraid and distant,
Cold, though amorous,
In the sight of her.

I believe I aim to speak,
About the love,
About the peace from tiny doves.

But, I am weak,
Stone-cold, and adjacent to truth,
It is within reach,
And I doubt too much to find it worth a touch.
I feel, and I seal, my heart closed.
As I would die to know my motive.

Poem – “To Walk upon Death” – Romance

Face our turmoil,
And rend the world apart!
See where we have felt the stinging pain,
The toil to what has been called love.

Never love and only the survival bought from danger,
I am a man of guilt who is asked to be strong.

I am a man of pain who is asked to be painless.
I am a man of shame who is asked to show himself.

The love from a woman has made a mark,
I show weakness, and it’s seen to be dark.

We both, as lovers, walk upon death
In each’s arms, in failure and desertion.

What am I but the man called misery?
I am not uncertain about the want,
Though, uncertain about the gain,
To what I want, to what will spell paradise.

Oh, my love, walk upon death,
There is no Heaven in this Hell.
There is barely a life to say is a treasure,
I’ve become numb against my sorrow.

And from death, and in life,
All has become black and white.
Strange minutes resort to unbidden strife.
As I seek to make you my wife.

Life, in all its stalking upon death’s ground,
Do we stand upon someone’s grave,
On the street, where we wave
To taxis and workers in their frenzy?

Face me, dear one, and see my pain,
See how it soaks me down,
See how the future faces the West,
And the past falls to the East,
Backwards in confusion harmonic,
In what I am destined to be.

Poem – “The Slender Candle” – Romance

Her ethereal,
Becomes commonplace,
When as the witness,
To the sight of depravity.

The sight of God,
Too bright,
For wicked stains,
Of blight,
To make a grand performance,
For the mark of love.

She has the form of an infant,
But the exquisiteness of the priestess.
She has the desires of Eve,
And the embellishments of Adam.

She has the warmth from the sun,
Though, the coldness from the moon
Will bend closer for the kiss.
The destitute pauper, is me, and forgotten.

The lid has opened,
To my frigid heart.
My pain comes forth,
From a contented Hell.

A surge,
A sibling called Appetite,
Has craved the heart,
Of her, the despair.

I am solidness,
She is a base,
For my liquid structure,
To become hate.

She is the only moon,
To have a singular face.
And the only doubt,
That I cannot race.