Philosophy – “The Overuse of the Word ‘Process'” – 5/13/2020

Not everything is a process, because not everything is predictable in terms of its steps. Grief, for one, is not a process. It is because grief is the most unpredictable reaction to trauma. Are we, in our scientific age, in the desire to control something so uncontrollable as human emotions? That could be our calling, considering how Psychiatry operates.

A process is meant to be defined as set of stages, planned out, though was thought of before the occurrence. As in, the plan was set in motion, to something that is predictable. Something that a computer works on, for instance, is predictable. That is because we are meant to have control over the computer. Again, something like grief is never controlled, universally, from person to person. We have control over machines, as this is fine. Though, to introduce control over humans, over human emotions, over human reactions, such people who are create this are our new slave-masters.

It seems that everything is called a process, despite how some of those events are never predictable. Are we therefore treating the brain as something like a computer? Are we wanting to eliminate every human flaw, so that we become robotic? If so, then we are mere tools, while humanity becomes buried.

It should be worth noting that humanity can only be buried, not killed. A human’s humanity is something that makes up a human. Were a person to replace their flesh and organs with metal to become a machine, they’d still need a human component to be considered operational. It is to say that humanity is powerful enough to make it absolutely impossible to be completely inhuman. Even evil people, for how much they’ve succumbed to their delusions, are not totally without human qualities. This is what defines humanity. A human turned machine, is the same as the human turned psychopath, though it is impossible for a human to become 100% machine, or 100% inhuman, or 100% psychopathic.

A heart, or perhaps even just a singular blood vessel, makes the human turned machine/inhuman have a weakness. It is like wearing your heart on your sleeve, so to speak, and becomes the very objective reality that humanity is defined as imperfection.

Therefore, what is controlled? It is the machine, not the human. A human cannot become perfect, therefore the human cannot become a machine to be controlled. We, as humans, strive to control so much, though when do we ever learn to control what we do? Our self-control is about as limited as humanity is imperfect.

A “process” is not something a human can be run through, like some robot on an assembly line to be constructed. What makes a human most arrogant is when they believe themselves fearless or unable to be dominated. That also makes them the weakest. For the largest weakness of all, is in the belief that one possesses none at all. That “heart on the sleeve” is the weak spot, because the most hideous of demons have also exposed the most of themselves. Like it has been said, humanity can only become buried, not killed. Buried, not killed, meaning that it is ignored. Like God, it is ignored, believed to be dead, non-existent, though becomes the most revealing thing to blind eyes.