Poem – “Bury you in Walls” – Grief Poetry – 7/22/2022

Fable this. Tell thisupon telltale symptoms - you connect, among thisvirus, called love, calledanother symptom outfrom someplace deep,from somewhereunconcealed. You are this stain;rain upon a crudeshelter, while nothingmoves. Each wordburied at their thirddegree. Each smile,all frowns, takento graves, into walls,burned into dust. To dust, coating your eyes.To rust that stains yourfingers. To love that neverfades… Continue reading Poem – “Bury you in Walls” – Grief Poetry – 7/22/2022

Poem – “Running Rivers to you” – Loneliness Poetry – 7/22/2022

Say your sadness. You havealways been burned intoscreaming your madness. Youhave always longed fora watering touch, from onepair of approaching eyes. You have burned for enough,falling apart, long enough. A bed for you. Rest for youto never count what hasbeen left. What stays, insidea closed shell, on your soul,on your eyes - a building'sinferno. You… Continue reading Poem – “Running Rivers to you” – Loneliness Poetry – 7/22/2022

Poem – “For all we will” – Love Poetry – 7/21/2022

Count raindrops, find thattears will never stopmissing you. On this curvingpath, we stay blessed,with wreaths atop our head,with eyes held toa porcelain moon, ourlone shelter in this night. Deserting ourselves to feelings,to scars we unbind, unstitch,while inside this templeof worship, we kneel to implore,to explore those scenerieswe have adored. This shelter,a pair of ivory arms,cradling… Continue reading Poem – “For all we will” – Love Poetry – 7/21/2022

Poem – “Unguarded Heart” – Love Poetry – 7/20/2022

Twin's eyes - shared heart,blanket these momentsin triumphant starts. We'll goto make Heavens, above,empty themselves. An unveiling procedureto bring forth a promise,words painted with blood,devotion dropped intoyour throat, where youlisten, without yielding. Another soul hasbeen extinguished.Another pair of eyesare burned outwith dressed candles.Our own, to ourunguarded hearts, weplant a kiss. Westumble through voidsto nestle inside… Continue reading Poem – “Unguarded Heart” – Love Poetry – 7/20/2022

Poem – “As Shadows build Bridges” – Love Poetry – 7/18/2022

Fly up. That winter blueamong grayest eyes, needsno truer shine. All that a sunwill do, to crack betweendepression's clogs,will begin our trek onward,apart, from bloodied arenasto our feuding hearts. All that our kisses can depletefrom deception's care, we cancontinue to believe. Sculptures,a fire's hardening. Faces,a cruel winter's passing.We carve out bullets from armor,to be dressed,… Continue reading Poem – “As Shadows build Bridges” – Love Poetry – 7/18/2022

Poem – “Your Turn to Yearn” – Love Poetry – 7/17/2022

I have beenwatering this burninggarden, knowing littlethat grief can do,while you starve underpressure. There, youplace rocks, around yourfate, inside a shelter,wanting no warmth,needing no embrace. That mouth, those fingershushing words, on no tonguethat will taste a bitterness.Here, I have taken awayall glimpses, of some sanityI had hidden away. We loved a little lie,dying on that… Continue reading Poem – “Your Turn to Yearn” – Love Poetry – 7/17/2022

Poem – “Our Eyes, Our Clouds” – Grief Poetry – 7/16/2022

Drops against a stone.Sanded down, dulled intoshapes of hulls. We plodon, with our eyes,always sinking. Drops againstan overturned rock.Sands for hands thatcarve ropes aroundburning throats. Shoresignite in all things wehave ever adored,ever did abhor. Anchors. Ruins, madefrom cannons to emotions,from hounding oceans.Love came with its treasure,a heart pieced together,soon becomingshade, under weather. Dust for these… Continue reading Poem – “Our Eyes, Our Clouds” – Grief Poetry – 7/16/2022

Poem – “Undermine our Tragedy” – Love Poetry – 7/16/2022

Blanket those memories inan enclosed heart, in astamped envelope. We arefinding our path, among stars,watching passing debris,never fading, so longas we bear ongoing steps. Our kiss brought rocks,upon our eyes. Our yearningcame down, as crystal tears,while we dreamed of what canbe, beyond those waves.Still in pain, still among thosequestions, without answers,lands, without life. We walk,… Continue reading Poem – “Undermine our Tragedy” – Love Poetry – 7/16/2022

Poem – “Summer’s Absence” – Grief Poetry – 7/15/2022

Turn a page. Take apetal, from where it firstsprouted. A newbornvessel, lost, in its undertow.A river, to a departurehas set afar, our matrimony.White moths gather,turned to ashes. A white altar brought forthstep after stumble. While weheld a fortune, in arms,we wept, without waiting.We turned pagesto see those stellaroutcomes, under rain. Alone, to hear our tone,to… Continue reading Poem – “Summer’s Absence” – Grief Poetry – 7/15/2022

Poem – “For Three Words only” – Grief Poetry – 7/12/2022

Tell a lie. Tell those eyeswe were due for morewhen time slides glaciers,over tombstones.A sentence, a crude ringgiving gesture to magnetism.You were free in this light,roping surrenderaround me. Un-against grain, insideporcelain towers. We reachedfor Heavens, combined,while love drewaround us,one perfect circle. Paved footprints, angles ofplaces we fell in, to go,while our hearts quakedour answers into… Continue reading Poem – “For Three Words only” – Grief Poetry – 7/12/2022

Poem – “Love’s Residue” – Erotic Poetry – 7/12/2022

Obstacles. Orange eyeshold us, for a pauseon this tight race onwardto no finish line.None, we are able tocome, down torevealing our inkin page-less lives. We consider. We rememberwhen our knots were formed.A stop, with burning forests,inside a bewildered gaze.A cup of water,drunken at this haze.Two cupped breasts,one beating heart thatescapes, to be pulled backwith all… Continue reading Poem – “Love’s Residue” – Erotic Poetry – 7/12/2022

Poem – “Desert Dreams” – Grief Poetry – 7/8/2022

A part of us. Apartfrom all that quenchedour hearts. Two starsthat pounded in dyinglight. You surrounded ourwide oceans with dust,while forging bridgesturned to rust. Castrated memories,ended sympathies.Blueprints for a better future,holding blue skies, opened,all burned. After a letterdetailing those tearsdrowning you in violet stormsinside clouds, we were torn. A rose held out,each petal torn outlike… Continue reading Poem – “Desert Dreams” – Grief Poetry – 7/8/2022