7 Commandments/Reminders/Warnings – How a Man Remains Strong

“Be in charge of yourself, of your emotions.”

“Don’t lose control of yourself, or of what is attached to you being of your personal relationships.”

“Recognize that what is attached to you is also how you protect yourself.”

“You comprehend the ‘cyclical selfishness’ that to protect all attachments, means also to protect yourself. In doing this, you remain strong.”

“Emotions, of the kind that loses control, turns you into the raging monster.”

“Only open up towards those you trust most, when it is the proper time, and only in fullness. Do not open up, in fragments.”

“Convey only expressive and imaginative ideas, of better worlds through the mindset of ambition, with creativity.”

– Modern Romanticism

A Quote of Wisdom – “The Necessity of Tradition” – 3/6/2020

“There are those who will state that Traditions must be banished, because they ‘impede the road to progress’.

There is something about ‘destroying traditions’ that many don’t realize what effects they will create.

If a society holds traditions that uphold the meanings of love and truth, family and union, then any attempt to destroy those traditions, will turn the society into the opposite direction of those values.

From love and truth, will come unending dissatisfaction and deception.

From family and union, will come tireless toil, no rest, and division.

Some will state that ‘black’ and ‘white’ are not the limits to a society. I say that if you associate your own personality with the color of blue, I will then ask, ‘Is that a dark or light blue?’ And, you would not be able to say that it is simple blue. Otherwise, I will say that you associate your personality with not blue, but gray. That is because this so-called ‘gray area’ represents the lifelessness, and the inability to make a decision or to be certain.

Traditions build a society’s systems, and should the implemented values be taken down, it was only ignorance that had done such a thing.

That is because it requires knowledge to build, and ignorance to destroy. To offer an example to that, one can imagine a child of eighteen, requiring those years by their guardians, to raise them. Should the child, soon after he or she turns eighteen, be murdered, it was only ignorance that had committed such an action. The murderer knew not of the child’s past, nor of the child’s goals for the future. The murderer was ignorant of the principles embedded into the child’s mind, and of every other effort in raising him or her. Though, even if the murderer did know of these things, the murderer did not care to see the child remain alive, to fulfill the rest of his or her life. It is still ignorance. Therefore, it is always ignorance that is the only thing to create death and destruction.

In the same sense, should traditions be destroyed, it was only ignorance that had taken them down.

Further, it always take a far longer time to ascend, than to descend. By the same example, it required eighteen years to raise a child, and a split-second to murder him or her.

It is the same to say that to raise the child required an infinite amount of time, while to kill the child required only an instant. Therefore, if love represents the infinite, and destruction represents the instant, and since we have such an obsession over bodies, appearances, and self-image, then one can see where this goes. The mind is always linked to love, while the form is linked to lust. If we can see around us, as it is very plain to notice for sure, that today’s people have an obsession over themselves (referencing that lust), it only means that ignorance is guiding us, and we are descending.”