Quote – “Why Love can Extinguish Mental Illness” – 6/18/2020

“It is wrong to believe that a metaphysical wound, like any mental illness, is alike Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Down-syndrome. Metaphysical injuries of the mind, relate to things incomprehensible to the fields of science. For science can only be able to cure the physical wounds, pertaining to cancer or diabetes. It can, as well, cure physical wounds like Alzheimer’s. Though, in the manner of a metaphysical wound, like Schizophrenia, it can only ever be truly relieved with its matching application. A non-existence for a non-existence. Love is for the wound that only it can see, can comprehend, can empathize with. Like the physical wound, being relieved by a physical treatment, a metaphysical wound must be treated by a metaphysical treatment. For the former, it is an example of the bandage to the scrape. For the latter, it is an example of love to the depression. To apply a physical treatment to the metaphysical wound, will not cure, though merely embed, all the faults of that person, deeper in themselves. It is like applying a boulder upon the already weighted mentally ill patient’s mind.

If love possesses no physical mass, as does a mental illness, then it is the perfect cure.”

– Anonymous