Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Critique – “Of Democracy and the Freedom to Choose” – Pt. 1 – “The Negligence of Patience” – 8/23/2019

August 23, 2019

The freedom to choose comes at a cost.

And to answer what is that cost, there will be the mention of the two opposite dimensions of black and white. There is nothing related to negative or positive when looking upon black and white, if only to comprehend both as merely opposite meanings or definitions to a universal whole.

As each singular path splits into two narrowed choices or two separate paths, they soon become dominated by a one, joining together, through a seed that constricts that path so that a life returns to its origin.

That is to say that a human being has only one path to follow, and to simply stare at the many choices for one’s life, is that; it is to stare at them, and never decide. In today’s “contemporary” world, here we see a manifold of humans from the world over, staring at these paths and continually dwelling in question. They have aborted Traditionalism, because they believed Traditionalism to be restricting them from freedom.

One should also comprehend that the only available freedom lies in the willingness to be enslaved, to be in denial for one’s confusion, and to never receive an answer; for it is because one has fused the word called “wisdom” with the word called “cruelty”. And afterwards, one cannot tell the difference between the two words.

In today’s “contemporary” world, we are now a species that sees ourselves comfortable with reason. For how this is today’s way to live, is only a quicker death, kept in the comfort of solitude, dwelling in that question, over ever receiving an answer. Today’s way of thinking falls around this question, “What can I make of myself?” in contrast to what we said in Traditionalist ways, with, “This is who I am, and there’s nothing I may do for it.”

For the former mindset, that is paramount to today’s “contemporary” world, science has brought about a worldwide culture of flooding the Earth with question, and also offering humanity the comfort in questioning everything. All this does is create a world that has more questions than answers. Would it be so difficult to see that the more we question, the less we know? Would it, as well, be so difficult to see that to comprehend the definition of wisdom, and that is, the more we know, the more we are willing to lose everything we have learned? We will find bliss in that loss.

The more control, and the more a corporation places everything in a cloud of “convenience” are the times we’ve spent wondering if we will be better off without the convenience. And why is this? It is because by losing all in an instant, it becomes a relief. Humanity is tormented not by knowledge, though by the wisdom that again, would make a human blissful were they to suddenly become ignorant.

And for the purpose to our desire to question: there is a current underlying motive for a human, to remain as a child, to call oneself innocent; for the more we promote denial, being Nihilistic morons that we’ve come to be, since the early 20th century, we will remain as children, in this eternal desire to question.

Transgenders will mention themselves as not confused, and yet, alteration of truth is their motive. The definition of confusion is in the alteration of truth. It is in the question, and not the answer. To draw away from truth, makes oneself cling less to God, and more to themselves. A human cannot create truth; a human can only change it.

Through arrogance, change makes the human a monster, and their denial embedded in endless question, makes the human never aware of their hideousness.


Words of Wisdom – “The Belief in Colors as Diversity” – 7/30/2019

July 30, 2019

“Among the many colors to the rainbow, there are also the shades and the hues that people deny for its meaning in black and white. When one describes their own personality as a red, or a blue, here is me to question whether the red is dark or light, as a red, and the blue, the same. Does one desire proof? Then, refer to the coastal cities, near the ocean, where during the evening, as the ocean turns from a light blue to a dark blue, there you’ll see the moods of the people changing, due to such a heightening melancholy atmosphere. There are other places, too, that reveal this, but as to personalities, polarities exist so that one does not become monochrome. For to merely be red, is to be gray. To merely be blue, is to be gray. One must know in which direction they lean, so that clarity is met.”