Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Poetry – “Breasts of Porcelain, and Lips of Granite” – Romance – 10/7/2019

October 7, 2019

Make a smile, for a token, to see love eternal,
Our moment cannot be stale,

In the haze of fear, without a paradise to conquer,
Without a home that we cannot see
Itself to age, alike to us, and we’ll not remain young.
No love, not even the right sort,
Has ever conquered time,
I will see beauty perish, and see your hair turn to ashes.
I will see this home rot, when either you or I
Leave this wretched Earth.

We are, within arms, for but a moment,
To next peer,

Around us,
And find age to our skin, age to our home,
Age to our hearts, and age to our minds.
I am in love, not for the moment,
But for the future,
Your breasts made of porcelain,
And lips made of granite,
You taste the ash that nestles against your mouth.

There is charm to each spread of that filth,
It is knowledge kept to be a burden,

The knowing of an ultimate surrender,
To the horrors of time.

I see the mirror; I see myself, I see you,
I see all the capturing to my spirit,
I see love Devilish, and hatred non-existent,
I see beauty as the man-made current of fortune.

Breasts of porcelain, and lips of granite,
There are futures to marry, and pasts to slay,

There are desires to keep,
And flesh to betray.

I make beauty bold,
Never to be aroused from the cold.


Erotica Poetry – “From Female Glimpses” – Collection – Poem #1 – 9/16/2019

September 16, 2019

Under tresses, dark as night,
Have you failed in your endeavor,
To lay your hand over a swollen branch?
Mark this shape for its texture,
It has a way to come crawling,
It has a way to come inside,
To come within, and reach.

I lay falsehood upon falsehood,
And drown in your rose,
Your complexion, of merry vermilion.
A face so angelic,
That it steers about to face the moon,
The love that angles itself into curves.

I describe your form for what it is:
Two hips like two handles,
From a kettle of tea.
Two breasts like two pears,
Ripe for my taste.
Two legs like the show of marble pillars,
Though, now mere plaster
Because, you’ve lain
Falsehood upon falsehood,
Drunk upon desire.

I deal in this anguish,
I yearn, beside you.

Come and love,
And merely come.
Make music through your sighs,
As repetitious as they repeat,
All the farewells,
Forced upon high
With the walls that extend,
Towards the faceless moon.

Curves of a moon!
Curves of hips.

May I kiss you,
Beneath blankets of warm fur?

Words of Wisdom – “The Message of Slavery” – 7/20/2019

July 20, 2019

“The sight of the slave, is a normal one. Who’d ever belittle the slave, or even praise them; and who’d ever belittle the human, or even praise them? The answer is that everyone has done this, and everyone will continue to both berate and praise both the laborer and the human, alike. What do we see of slavery? Cruelty? It is never cruelty, lest in what the slave themselves, believes for their treatment. The ‘expectation’ from any world, from any society, is inevitable. Should one wish to be drowned in laziness, they will reject work, and believe fully in Socialism. Should one believe in the truth that the word ‘slave’ is a word for everyone, and is a word that offers the human purpose, to work their hands, to undertake the task, so that the objective is fulfilled, no one of these laborers will be harmed. For beauty is meant to be envisioned as either the protected or harmed flesh. In what difference do we make of the hand that attempts to willingly harm their own flesh, to the hand that willingly attempts to harm their own flesh? For work, or for mutilation and insanity? The greatest achievers have been called insane, and those who are insane, are living fully in their truth.”