A Quote of Wisdom – “The Perspective is always Limited” – 4/5/2020

“How many perspectives are there? Are we to say that for how many stars there are in the universe, there are also the same number of perspectives? Or, can we even say that the one star that stands out among the rest, feels the most loneliness? As in, to say that the one star with the greatest of perspectives, will be the most visible, the most praised, and the loneliest?

Call a celebrity a ‘star’ and then their loneliness begins to solidify. Their loneliness begins to surmount above all other emotions.

This is not a perspective, either. It is because numerous celebrities have committed suicide, due to their fame. Fame and pride dehumanizes a person, and their addiction becomes praise, wanting it to never cease in its intake.

Yet, rather than in what we inhale, we can perhaps exhale. We inhale in order to exhale, like we can receive in order to give.

Love is boundless, and we can connect the dots between people, as easily as the stars can be linked to form a shape.

Love would be the star’s desire, if it were not limited to the non-genuine praise from supporting fans.

For it seems that the greatest of pain lies within those who shine among the rest. Their burden is almost unlimited, in contrast to those who live ordinary lives.

How can a perspective be unlimited when it should be love that is unlimited? It is to say that we must be blinded by a star’s radiance, not ever yearning to see that their brightness is what keeps us away from knowing them. By such radiance, and by such blindness due to that brightness, we cannot see their darkness.

The perspective is limited, because by such brightness in seeing a person who seems fine, we say to ourselves that their smile is genuine. Then, we keep away from knowing a person, because our perspective was all that mattered to merely us.

We have a perspective of a person, and we have the love for a person. Either is held in one hand, though which do we choose?