Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “To Love and Forever Love” – 8/30/2019

August 30, 2019

“Love is the emotion of pain and sacrifice; as well, it is the emotion of truth and honesty. Within all of this, love becomes also the emotion of division and support. For just as the four beams to raise high a building must be evenly divided in four separate sections, so the building may stand, such is the same for love. It is the same for love, because all four beams to raise a building requires strength. The strength of men, that is, to lift high not a moronic empire of countless and needless divisions, though to raise high the woman of his choice. As a man controls the sciences and mathematics, he would be the one to make a choice, to simplify his own life into a singular. Love is the emotion of support; and, in such division, there is sacrifice. A man should murder his past in this. Love requires a man to honor a promise. He should sooner slit his own throat than to betray not the woman, but the promise to the woman. To live with this promise to a woman should make a man form a great fear in his mind to threaten himself, in becoming an insect, should he choose to abandon that promise.”


Poem – “To Walk upon Death” – Romance

July 29, 2019

Face our turmoil,
And rend the world apart!
See where we have felt the stinging pain,
The toil to what has been called love.

Never love and only the survival bought from danger,
I am a man of guilt who is asked to be strong.

I am a man of pain who is asked to be painless.
I am a man of shame who is asked to show himself.

The love from a woman has made a mark,
I show weakness, and it’s seen to be dark.

We both, as lovers, walk upon death
In each’s arms, in failure and desertion.

What am I but the man called misery?
I am not uncertain about the want,
Though, uncertain about the gain,
To what I want, to what will spell paradise.

Oh, my love, walk upon death,
There is no Heaven in this Hell.
There is barely a life to say is a treasure,
I’ve become numb against my sorrow.

And from death, and in life,
All has become black and white.
Strange minutes resort to unbidden strife.
As I seek to make you my wife.

Life, in all its stalking upon death’s ground,
Do we stand upon someone’s grave,
On the street, where we wave
To taxis and workers in their frenzy?

Face me, dear one, and see my pain,
See how it soaks me down,
See how the future faces the West,
And the past falls to the East,
Backwards in confusion harmonic,
In what I am destined to be.

Words of Wisdom – “The Subdued” – 5/26/2019

May 26, 2019

“The human who rejects leadership is the shrinking human. To reject the external, means to proudly place negligence on trust. Thus, such an individual becomes absorbed into themselves. Soon, this individual with this mindset will shrink, as they believe more and more only in themselves, while distrusting all other outside aid. Such isolation will make them small, and smaller still, as their bodies shrivel and their minds wither; they are not strong humans at this point; they are ants, seemingly and somehow lone, without the desire to work, and without the desire to cooperate.”