Poem #1,777 – “Lost upon your Ocean” – Love Poetry – 9/21/2021

A vessel, a gleaming spiderweb
Darkened by the colors of your skies.
You grew to know each vine you fed
While fierce in stare, torn and bled.
I loved, while all did surround
With the moon phases, trickles from cries –

Pale and hollow to the bleak decay.
To wield the stone, to skip the heart
Growing dim after each day.
Senseless to the symptoms of your eyes,
As each grain is fed until life dies.

Nowhere to run atop these suds.
In lust, to each their own within mud,
In love, while remembrance makes the stars –

Saluting each angel, crushed from afar.

Still to caress the raven’s scalp,
To kiss the ending where no one helped.
Here to bid morning its non-arrival
While forests turn green, lives become dust
While winter, the pirate, sheds seeds of lust.
Kind gravity from a bleeding moon –

Walk in the light, resounding one –

All for love was shed for this ocean,
Final in a march, disguised for the motion.

Philosophy – “Why Anti-Racism is, in fact, Racism” – 9/21/2021

“One can be ignorant without being prejudiced, though one cannot be prejudiced without being ignorant.”

– Modern Romanticism

Ignorance is to the notion that something is missing. This would not be in alignment with hatred, because one cannot hate what one is ignorant of. Instead, one fears what one is ignorant of. Two things aligned with the other, of ignorance and fear, is then for hatred to be allied with knowledge. Hatred is the place for being knowledgeable to another thing. Though, in being ignorant, there is complete blindness. In ignorance, it is very much like the act of first falling in love. To that extent, it is blind. To be blinded through hatred is not possible, because this suffocating emotion can be the result of having loved.

Racism, so much conjoined with both fear and ignorance, involving the distance for the interior, then causing a person to be confined for view upon the exterior. To this, there is no hatred. There is the fear that questions what could not be asked for of its truth. This is due to being knowledgeable would involve closing the gap that fear has caused, and when truth is known of a person, there can be hatred that is bred from it. As hatred is only possible because of the existence of love, humans do not feel it in their blindness. The result of love can be hatred, because through love, there was the attempt to understand and to know the value of another person. After betrayal, there can no longer be closeness, as another gap becomes built without the desire to repair the fallen bridge. Although, the secrets that were once shared between two individuals are now taken in opposite directions. In vengeance, people can exploit those secrets, even expose them, due to the knowledge gained.

As racism is the offspring of its parent figures, of fear and ignorance, then to its place in a world, its representation is absence. Racism, the offspring of what is absent of knowledge and also defines the gap between individuals, can compare to the term “absence” because of these two elements. Ignorance and fear are products of absence, thus making racism its mere counterpart. If to be anti-, with the prefix being used to refer towards what can only be presence, then to be so of absence holds no meaning for the notion of its reversal. That is, one cannot be anti-racist, let alone anti-depression nor anti-death. It is to mean that there is nothing in being anti- to the absence, when such refers itself already to the anti- of presence. Anti-racism is the double of absence, making it an oxymoron. There can then only be racism or absence, or presence. It is the same to be ignorant or knowledgeable. It would then make being anti- to racism a place of itself, because there is the ignorance to presence.

Hatred is one-sided, set to be against equality. Hatred conforms to victimization, because it is the presumed victim that, through their supposed innocence, will state they know they know everything to the situation that transpired. At the same time, they know nothing. Since with hatred, there is the refusal to forgive. This makes the hateful one not omniscient, as love will take this place upon a mantle. As there are a million snakes to one devotion for ourselves, we can then state it only possible to fall in love, with truth for it’s happenstance, once. Should betrayal or even a false perception for it be an occurrence, there will be hatred. Had one been in love, there will be hatred. Had one been infatuated, there will be nothing but to forget and remain ignorant.

Philosophy – “When a Nation has Reached its Peak in Progress” – 9/19/2021

“Prominence for the focus of difference or diversity is the sign that progress or development can no longer be achieved. When it is similarity that, through being able to set aside differences, brings about the result, this is not ever achievable in a society that has instilled its current focus on what is different.”

– Modern Romanticism

Wars have only ended, because of similarity. No one did win, though a white flag was waved to indicate surrender. Everyone loses. No one wins, during a conflict that cannot decide a victor. There is no place for everyone to be a winner. There is, instead, infinite places for each individual to lose. Progress is achievable with relation, with the same example of a white flag that indicates surrender to be understood as more a symbol of understanding. The white flag says, “We have lost, though you won nothing.”

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Philosophy – “Why Choice is more the Slave’s Route, than Freedom’s Route” – 9/18/2021

“Were choice to ever compare to freedom, then we’ll always say the tyrant should never be accountable for their decisions. Freedom is deserved, only ever upon the realization for the consequences to such decision-making.”

– Modern Romanticism

We are not free through choice, for that is the route of the slave. A slave does not choose to be free. A slave is meant to be free, because as any life, it is not meant to be imprisoned unless for the purpose of being responsible for wrongdoing. Though, a tyrant would enslave, if through the offering of choice, that to their people would gladly take without question for its source. Just as the desperate addict would not question what the source is to their addiction, nor the businessman so afflicted by greed care for the intent of the one whom their sales are sold to, all is corruption under endless option.

Options do not make the freedom. Instead, accountability for the consequences of any person’s decisions allow the freedom, as such is deserved. Freedom, or rights, are earned, same with life. Life is earned, though a tyrant is not willing to allow it in the same sense as a kidnapper is not allowing freedom for their captive. Those who believe liberation lies in choice, are in fact slaves to the ignorance of outcome.

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Philosophy – “Why Neither Rights nor Life is a Gift” – 9/17/2021

“We each wonder when something will run out. Some believe the time for life runs out, as though this could be equivalent to money drying up in someone’s bank account. Is time more valued than life? Is time, for which relates to survival, to hold more value than the money that is said to be necessary for such survival?”

– Modern Romanticism

A right cannot be a gift. Life cannot be a gift. These things earned. It is because no tyranny whose purpose was first to strip a people of their rights, will give them back. No people will stand in the streets, begging as any common pauper, demanding that very tyranny to give their rights back. The person’s rights, even if not wearing the rags of a literal pauper, were stolen. Now they are poor. Impoverished, to belong to the life of nothingness where such souls beg.

What compares to an addiction? It is the material. Each thing that can be depleted is materialistic, by nature. Life cannot be this way. We cannot compare life to an addiction, because an addiction does not feed nor uplift the life. Then, to uplift addiction, being of the pauper whose life is of nothingness, would mean to give to this person their power. Uplifting those who had never earned a thing for themselves means to lend power. However, in lending power, further rights are taken away. Neither rights nor life is a gift, when power is being included for those former two things to be stolen.

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Poem #1,776 – “Over the Course of Sickness” – Love Poetry – 9/16/2021

Over stagnant currents,
To breath, we follow each other’s stream
To the vivid image beneath the oaks,
Growing gently the flavor
Upon our lips,
Creating tears that would strike a storm
Back to being reminiscent.

To wield your hip,
Then to a heart
Our eyes would skip
Its beat upon the untrodden path,
With steps we make,
Unknowing to each breath we take.

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Poem #1,775 – “Water in the Open” – Love Poetry – 9/16/2021

To choose
In the attempt to ignore,
While the waters keep flowing
Outside the gates
Towards places we abhor.
My wonderful nurse
To a child whose steps are first
Onto a ledge.

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Philosophy – “The Flaws with Progressivism” – 9/13/2021

“No progress has ever been made without not a negation, though a forgiveness, of the past. To forgive, not to forget, means to conceive wrong, though to place betterment ahead of it.”

– Modern Romanticism

Progressivism possesses its flaws, much of which are a reversal from common sense into emotion. Progress follows the head of common sense and logic, while emotions are meant to be tamed. How can a person call themselves “progressive”, when their views stem to ideals such as unlimited power in government or the looseness of morals? Without limitations, we have no progress. It is not progress, if it means to corrupt. It is not progress, if it means to let loose.

Progress believes in restraint. It believes not in a lack of accomplishment, though in steadiness. It should believe that sacrifice will follow the majority’s belief, not the minority. It believes that the minority is only the individual, not the collective group or category.

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Poem #1,774 – “When Love Retreats” – Love Poetry – 9/13/2021

Was cover more the embrace
Than the open turbulence?
Dark clouds next to you,
Loyalty dreams in the desert
To never rob you of washed petals,
So long as the tears, the waters
Can lift us, not sink us.

Beneath sheets of sky-lit dark,
Fewest stars spread over the nighttime gleam.
You will retreat
To your more covering cover,
The concealment that bettered to reveal
All your wounds meant to heal.

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Poem #1,772 – “Without the River for Freedom” – Romanticism – 9/12/2021

Her heart swells to the loosened tide,
Revives to the reminder
That no pain came so simple,
Left so bitterly
In the hours it stayed.

A few teardrops towards the galaxy,
A world apart from the gleaming ocean,
Fewest breaths or sighs of relief,
While nothing could drink
A pure sustenance from her breast.

A beating stone within bleeding flesh,
Cold fingers run a mile
Past her tresses in the wind.

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Poem #1,771 – “Which Direction North?” – Love Poetry – 9/12/2021

To each blackened shape,
A pencil can fill in the stars
To make the light
Inside the hurt and still-life
Void upon the surrender.

There is gentle music,
Harbored screams
Bled as tears over the wash of you.

Keep us burying the independent flag,
For one concealed in plainest immaculacy.

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