Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Fragmentation of a Viewpoint” – Philosophy on Love – 10/16/2019

October 16, 2019

“Many will point out, and many more will say for others to point out, and we can then be lucky we only point a single finger out of our ten, when we are pointing at something. What this means, is the viewpoint, being fragmented when one will say, ‘All are entitled to the interpretation’. Though, to what extent does the viewpoint become another viewpoint, among eight billion others, until it is merely a fragment of the whole mirror? Of a singular sight, and were all eight billion people upon this planet to hold their own viewpoint of that one sight, it merely turns whatever was significant, into smaller and smaller insignificance. We then begin to grudgingly point to each other, and make viewpoints of others, for that one viewpoint of a single person to also become fragmented. What all this does, is deter a human from closeness, into a distance. We no longer peer into the mirror from up close, into a person’s eyes from up close, to see what may be commonalities between two persons. We lose, not sacrifice, romance and love, in this. We lose the meaning of marriage, into believing in ‘expiration dates’ for those romances. It is pathetic. Many would die for an eternal romance, and many more will die because of a failed one.”


Words of Wisdom – “The Pauper upon the Throne/The Victim upon the Throne/The Wounded upon the Throne, is the Animal on the Throne” – Political Philosophy – 10/14/2019

October 14, 2019

“The start of a Democratic revolution created the dethroning of every Monarch known for every society. All paupers, facing injustice and inequality, comprehended nothing of the word ‘provision’. Any pauper who faces the misery of survival, is never to know the meaning of ‘the offering’. If they have something to give, that would mean they have plenty for themselves. And, most paupers have nothing to give, save for kind stares and warm hearts. Though, to a population under Democratic rule, kind stares and warm hearts do not feed a population. From this, creates greater poverty, under the iron thumb of Socialism.

Paupers, or victims, or the wounded upon the throne of leadership, creates inevitably a nation of consumerism. When a pauper is needy, when a victim is needy, when someone with wounds is needy, they want to consume. Greed is thus the manifestation of that society.”

Flash Story – “Too Indebted to Move” – Romantic Literature – 10/14/2019

October 14, 2019

“The heart races for one reason, to let one know the sound of a march; for there have been as many lovers upon this Earth as there have been deaths of bloodied soldiers.”

Between birds and stones, flesh and bones, we sing that song of love as like a message on the wind; though, where does it stray? It strays nowhere, if the lover remembers, and keeps hold of moments beneath trees as old as time. Surrender to it, and this means to surrender to the shudders from your heart. The heart races for one reason, to let one know the sound of a march; for there have been as many lovers upon this Earth as there have been deaths of bloodied soldiers. They drank the contents that flowed up into the esophagus, that should have been contents touched not by the flight of indifference, though by the comfort of love.

“I am too indebted to move onward from this flame, the love we are holding close to ourselves,” says a man with a glass of rose wine to his lips, staring upon a nude before himself, with glances heavy and long, “Your eyes, magnificent in shape; your form is a plaza of many stands, each showing ripened fruit for the occasion; and how I would hold a pair of breasts alike pears to be swallowed whole.”

Love is a sculpture, beheld before a man as a woman of his making, of the wholeness to his honesty; and, nothing is allowed to break it, for him to retreat back into the waves where his loneliness resides.

He approaches the woman, with flame to his mind, burning all weariness from former attraction to an enemy of rest. To a workforce, that had bought his time and sold him his fortune, for a place among a union of degraded and futile; they had all aimed to see a future too far. Too far, and too unknown, for love remains as the most unexpected thing to manifest itself before a one, and it is a wall.

He names himself as the “broken one” to her, before nestling his head in a bed of flesh. Warmth surrounds as easy as the sun may surround the Earth, so it isn’t winter upon every morsel of land.

Words of Wisdom – “On How to Comprehend the Femme Fatale” – Philosophy on Psychology – 10/14/2019

October 14, 2019

“Where a man has his genitalia for annexation, it would be when he annexes the woman down south, at the southern tip of her, as the Earth and all of land, so that all of Antarctica melts. Conquer her heart, first, all of men, before the annexation; because, should a man do the latter before the former, her lust will be a blaze, will be absorbed by her, will be spread outward from her, to make an uncontrollable inferno that all will desire to be burned by.”

“There is great strength resonating through a woman, when she is continually deceived. Allow a woman to work, as offensive as that may sound, and she will be continually deceived, through what deception is ultimately defined as. Deception has the definition of ‘usage’, to pull a human away from a home, and maintain continual usage upon the subject, until they are worn thin. It would be the same as pulling a potential slave from their native homeland, and putting them to work under the command of a master. No one forgives the Femme Fatale, for a woman of this sort cannot ever be forgiven for doings; for that is because they continually attract and doom, based on previous experiences. A society of seduction is only ever introduced due to the female psychology that resonates itself around continual usage of the person. Lust, that is, is the place of deception, is the place of usage; to be placed upon the bed, and make whatever one wills of a body, is the essence of utility. Love holds, love embraces, and never lets go, whereas lust is wild and its flames are uncontrollable.

The words ‘until they are worn thin’ is when a woman, when being deceived, will be starved of any forgiveness. In love, a woman has limited forgiveness to offer. In lust, a woman turns forgiveness into allurement. That means, for whomever unlucky man comes across her path, he will feel the continual guilt of doing, making him continually weaker, under her rays of beauty. And, more-so, such a deceived and deceiving woman will be obsessed with appearance.”

Words of Wisdom – “A Man’s Manhood in Romance” – Philosophy on Love – 10/14/2019

October 14, 2019

“Should a man smile upon the exiting from a romance, he is dirt. He is the fool, without the water that he ever drunk from being the waters of a woman’s heart. The path before him was always solid as dirt, and he never was inside a woman’s heart. He was sure, he was certain, without any place to soak himself in her tears, shower himself in her sadness; because, when he does, that is when he does the second thing to prove himself, after the first thing. Begging for forgiveness is the second time when a man submits himself to her might. A woman’s might, in this sense, places a man first on his knees, during when he proposes, and the second time on his knees when he’s committed a grave error that may end the romance.

The quote that describes a man’s home as his fortress, are the walls he keeps sturdy from within, because those walls are the walls of a woman’s heart. He is within it, and he is trapped, willingly so.”

Words of Wisdom – “A Man’s Tears of Failure” – Philosophy on Love – 10/14/2019

October 14, 2019

“When does a man weep, one may ask? It is when he has lost. Show a woman to him, and he will never again see the world in black and white, caught between success and failure. He will see the colors of her, from her smile, from her scent, from her garments.

Though, should he lose her, he will feel as though he’s lost, once more, receding him back to a former time. He will never want to see his own face, he will neglect cleaning himself, and his own garments will turn to rags.”

Words of Wisdom – “Love is a Place of Submission” – Philosophy on Love – 10/14/2019

October 14, 2019

“With love, it is first a matter of like attracts like, before one knows more, enough to discover parts of the other half that one does not like. After which, those dislikes will challenge the love, until such imperfections grow into perfections, by the love, itself. Love grows all into wholeness. Like the flower that was once a bud, or the flower that held onto its final root before it would die, any care granted to it would make such a fragment find its other pieces, to create the whole. From imperfection to perfection, love is the closest experience to humanity’s only understanding of infinity, in our little worlds of limitation.

In love, one faces themselves, their mirror image, to discover perhaps what they could never like. That is, what they had denied to ever exist. God may be the picture to this, through repeated denial for Him, in today’s time. Love is an emotion we do not stop for, because, in love, we continually walk past all things that could keep us bound. Fear resonates in this, love penetrates us in this, makes us vulnerable, and we are forced to drop our meager pride, to see its light.

We do not stop for love, because love is an emotion that requires willingness to submit to it. In a political world of force, all that is lacking.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Result of a Disheveled Romance, at the Fault of Man” – Philosophy on Love – 10/14/2019

October 14, 2019

“Does a man treat love as a game? If so, then his woman will play along to the beat of however he plays her heart. She will dance to betrayal, so to speak, as his loss of loyalty will be the music of betrayal. To a woman, betrayal is subtle, and seen first by her, though kept as a secret for her gossip. How does a woman lie? It is through what she observes, and in what she has accepted to be the truth, even if what she has embraced is going to affect her enough to damage her. She cares not for the definition of truth, but merely embraces what is given to her, as that could be either anything at random, or everything in wholeness. And, it is up to a man to give himself, all of himself, so that she comprehends not the truth, but his honesty. It is this way, because she will not be able to differ truth from lie, though only the offering, in whatever a man has made up for himself, before he met her.”

Poem – “The Redhead with the Glass of Red” – Romance – 10/14/2019

October 14, 2019

Before me, you sit with a sorry stare at a rim
To a glass made of the fibers of sand,
Love is a breath in the air for our breath,
As sweet as the redness in your hair
And as bitter as the very sight of death,
As the very sight of what sticks out in your mind.

A face with eyes engraved,
And hair that blossoms like thorns to roses.
Of those eyes that are either emerald or sapphire,
Alike the Earth or the sky,
Though, I am unable to tell.
Beauty fell upon me like those tides above,
And I was on the cross,
Dying for my own sins.
Your marble face and hair of fire,
Gleaming with random tresses,
Upon your breast,
Folding upon your shoulders.

Love has made us famous,
While our hearts make furious rhythms,
In the dead of this night.
We sit here, to stare at the curves of a glass,
Love is revealed at our left hand,
As hope is in our right.

We’ll deny ourselves as long as we can,
Or death will cast its own ring from shadows,
To place itself upon your fine, marble hand.

Face me, beautiful one,
You are as lovely as the awoken morn,
With hair as red as the liquid that stains your heart,
Upon each repeated sip,
As red as the rays cast away from the sun,
To the meadows of Heaven.

Poem – “One Idle Glance” – Romance – 10/13/2019

October 13, 2019

I crawl atop,
And I falter beneath,
The swimming tears in eyes of emerald,
Your face is the picture of immaculacy,
In this dreaded room.
Come kiss me, beloved,
With all your majestic might,
This future has never been doomed,
Because, as I see above,
I see also the night.

I see the stars and their infinity,
The light that beams upon the back of your scalp,
Is mine for consumption,
As you say,
“Let us pray to a love made of fire,
Forged in our awakening to its light.”
Of night that grants us power of might,
There is to our passion,
The fires that caress, and cleanse the fright.

Your nakedness is a grail of wine,
Sweet with taste, as all is mine,
Bitter in the taste of Autumnal frost,
And sweet in the taste of November showers,
Of sweetest tears, and bitter blood,
You are beautiful, dear one,
I hold you in greatest esteem.