Wisdom – “The Art of Love” – 8/29/2019 – #1

To Man, his submission is to be pulled down from clouds. Why say it is a societal teaching to never see Man weep? It is not so, for his emotions, when released, are divided between sadness and anger. For the former, his emotions are those ambitions, with his mind raised in the clouds, until when his tears rain from storms; and for the latter, his emotions are caged, and in contemplation, Man is searching to break free from confinement. As a monster, Man has contemplated too long; and due to his presence in a prison population, contemplation has made Man reflective on his actions. He plans escape, to be among a world, where there is swaying grass and rushing waves. Man accompanies a prison population, while Woman awaits his return.

Woman holds a belief in a “Second Coming” to Christ, in the sense that she had her virginity taken by the first “Coming”; and to better comprehend, Man would return to ease that longing, should Man choose to remain true. Love is the infinite emotion, an expression of truth upon Woman’s yearning soul. And as Man is the scientist, the inventor, and maker of numbers and mathematics; and especially in numbers, Man will create armies, though upon one day when he matches himself with Woman, he will allow all walls to collapse, upon seeing Woman. She may choose to urge him towards further success, though it will be for her satisfaction. And Woman’s satisfaction extends beyond, in so much as she complies with the guilt of the undoing. Woman reverses upon a memory to see what may else be born in the future, with Man in her accompaniment. And upon him staring into her eyes, he comprehends that there is else to do for her appeasement; and this is in the name of lust, and never love.

Love is the eternal emotion, welcomed by the flames of lust whenever we realize that love requires lust for its maintenance. Man realizes himself, whenever in the clouds, as only ever vulnerable when his ambitions begin to rain tears. And upon the ground, Man is also incredibly enraged, when his truth has been grounded. Man is enraged whenever no one, especially for the heart of the monster, has heeded the beast’s howling call. And it would take Woman’s angel wings to lift the exhausted monster to Heaven, and then beyond. Love is the emotion that reveals truth by flesh shown only when in the darkness of privacy. Beauty is the flesh of Woman, and Man had made it; as he will, at times, call her his daughter, or his child, and treat her in the fragility as all beauty is meant to be protected.

And why is Woman to be protected? For it should be the same as the mother wishing to protect her own child; or the organization in protection of the endangered species; and we can finally see that it is the instinct of love, to protect that which may be endangered. Does Woman aim to resist the call of love, or rather, the action of love? It is instinctual for the mother attached to her child, to be the shield to her child; and it is instinctual for the organization that possesses much power to protect the life that is endangered. Though, what will be the realest reason for Man to protect Woman? It should be comprehended that without Woman, Mankind, itself, would starve, would perish; and therefore, it is to say that without Woman, we’d not survive without her nurturing ways. Humans have learned to survive, and to say that comfort is a thing, in today’s time, as eternal, and provided by leadership, turns a nation into the epitome of vulnerability.

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