A Society’s Inevitable Thoughts – “A Loss of the Body because of the Whip, a Loss of the Mind because of the Drug” – 11/17/2019

Herein is a sickness that succumbs the mind to its brutality. The addiction. The drug, as the addiction, is the intake of sheer pleasure. Wherefore does not a song, during today’s time, speak of love to be a drug, and not the cure to woe? Love cures the heart, whereas a drug plagues it with fear. Tension and more tension, is the brutal nature of the drug. And we all soon come to place admiration and even great reverence upon these songsters, and say that love is indeed a drug. And yet, it is also an illness; so, is this where we believe it to be a drug? Love sickens the heart, only through absence. Yet, when love is present, it overflows the heart with joy.

Love would be called the drug, because of only a one-sided understanding of what it means to say the words, “God has no existence.” This would inevitably cause the belief in saying that love is a drug. As only a sickness, or a taint, to be cured by something else, by perhaps the raw pleasure from an actual drug, such as an opiate, rather than that love as a sickness being cultivated. It is not love that causes the fear, but the fear that causes the fear.

Without the love, there is the fear, and yet, just as the Earth shifts in magnetic reversal of the poles, we go from it being believed to be a sickness, to believing it to be a cure. We are Christians, to say that love is a cure. We are humans, and only ever humans, deep in our indulgences, to say that love is a drug. Humans are full of self-indulgence, without a cure, and only the fear that resonates with question, and endless question after that.

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