An Observation – “Trends for Depression” – Psychology – 2/1/2020

It seems in today’s time that “depression” has been repeatedly categorized into multiple areas, almost as if these are demographics.

Segregated, so to speak, and depression has become something of a place to belong, should one’s own insecurity demand it. From situational depression, to clinical depression, there can be no end to the amount of rooms where one will walk into, and receive what they pay for.

Within a world of “freedom” and “possibility”, there can be no limits placed on the corruption within “consumption” and “gain”.

Depression seems to have become a trend, a lifestyle born out of multiple terrible lifestyles, and this all has become common, without question.

When does a person ever awaken from this, and comprehend that when depression is categorized, it is being marketed?

Do people at least wonder about that?

It is a categorization for what is not even understood, being the human brain, though everything about depression has to do with “the loss”. The past, that is, and is something that one cannot return to, so insecurity surmounts.

The “insecure” someone, is the person without. They are without anything to make them feel strong. Therefore, “belonging” is very much the desire for such people. Like a pauper, their poverty has enabled them to desire belonging very much, for any person cannot live the longest without shelter.

What is revealed of a world where people’s suffering turns into materialism? Are all psychologists and psychiatrists simply sitting behind their desks, knowing this? What were they taught in their universities?

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