“Receiving Inspiration from a Different Art Form” – 3/8/2020

In my time of writing, I have received inspiration from a different art form.

Some have said that this is a powerful way to write literary works.

In many other’s cases, it may be true, too.

For those who cannot understand it, it is much like a sculptor going to see theater performances, and receiving inspiration from the movements of the actors on stage. The sculptor would then gain the inspiration of the movements of the actors, and use that for the “movement” portrayed in their sculptures.

In my case, when I write literary works, I receive inspiration from music.

Therefore, for other’s cases, it is indeed a very powerful resource to receive your inspiration from a different art form. It may enhance your work into many different areas, to see your own work at a “core”, like a seed, and then sprout into various directions.

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