A Quote of Wisdom – “Age is not an Illusion” – 3/28/2020

“Age is a reality. The effects of age, more-so a reality. The way we ‘interpret’ ourselves would not be a thing, were we to not have surroundings. That is, the way we interpret ourselves, comes at the reaction of what the world has done to us.

Even if a human were to be immortal, would their bodies not be affected by the consistency of change? Change. That is the ‘effects’ of age. We eventually change into people who have slowed down. And what we realize is just that. Nature is telling us that our life is nearing its end.

The only reason a person at the age of 60 finds it necessary or desirous to act young is because of that realization. Slowing down is something the elderly should accept, not deny. What does a person at the age of 60 need to accomplish? What happened to the first 60 years of their life? Why write articles for people who could start their life at that age? What we should be doing is keeping growing teenagers from turning out this way.

Starting your life through some slogan that says, ‘It’s never too late!’ at the age of 60, only means you’ve wasted the vast majority of your lifespan.

It’s a sad truth, but again, it should be accepted.

As someone who is young, the only thing I can admit is that my life is only beginning. And yet, I’ve noticed something missing. Do grandparents still tell their grandchildren to never waste their time? Do they teach them the basic wisdom that says the words, ‘You only have one life’? This seems to be absent from the lips of grandparents, because we’ve dominated the world with ‘possibility’.”

4 thoughts on “A Quote of Wisdom – “Age is not an Illusion” – 3/28/2020”

  1. I would like to read your perception of these words as you near 60, I wager you will be a little less critical than now. We optimistically think we have all the time in the world until middle age bites and reminds us that death is just around the corner and our time in this life is in fact running out.

    1. Yes. I know that coming from a much older person than me, a perspective such as yours will not like mine.

      I apologize. I was bitter when I wrote this.

      1. Your opinion is as valid as mine so no need to apologise 😊. I was just interested to see how differently you might feel when you are older. Our perceptions change so much with time and experience

    2. Something occurred to me, a minute ago.

      It seems that when a person ages, their impatience increases. It’s almost like the impatience of a very young child, so eager to learn about things he or she is curious over. At an old age, a person is impatient to relive when they were capable enough to do what they did, when they were developed enough. It’s to say that an elderly person has that impatience, because while their body slows down, the world around them moves ahead.

      It’s an inevitable factor that someone elderly will slow down, and this, I believe they should accept, not deny. It seems to be also the case that their decision-making abilities suffer, because how can a person who has slowed down come to make a decision through patience, when they cannot? It’s to say that decisions require patience, not eagerness. Like an elderly person, like a child, these people at such age groups, are very eager. They are eager to live what they are unable to live, either because they cannot yet, or simply cannot.

      It may be the reason why an elderly person requires a lot of help to get what they need, whether that be their cane or a glass of water.

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