Romance Novel Excerpt – “A Dream once Loved” – Volume Two/Chapter VII – 4/25/2020

And, it is Alessio’s eyes that have caught the sight, again.

He feeds a string to her gaze, of a woman recognized for much attraction. Bold in her shape, and gentle in her step. Yet, it is as if no one else, besides Alessio, has noticed her. Again with the pink band about her waist, like a trademark to her appearance. Would he be able, perhaps he’d attach a hook from a rope, and then pull her close. It is that band, being such a plain garment about this woman’s thin waist, that catches most of Alessio’s attention.

However, for what he knows is most important, he switches his view to her face, now displayed without any barrier.

Eyes of which need the sun to be divided in twos, so that the burning can be doubled, above a nose raised on a curve. Elegance is to her lips, appearing as though an artist had thought it appropriate to paint it above a chin that nods for the approval of store items. To add of her head, there are tresses above a delicate temple that loom around the winds that cross each strand of that oaken hair. For its color is that of soil, clashing in the sun’s rays to emit a stroked highlight, again appearing as though painted.

Such a neat and lovely curve of her fingers, when after she points to an item of interest, she draws her hand back. It is to where her hand then rests in the air, as though upon a throne atop some imaginary cloud.

To her skin and the flesh of it holds a hue of ivory in her complexion, sealing the rays of the sun for her radiance due to their warmth. What a woman for Alessio’s eyes! Her face is an animated display of beauty. Almost as though she is impossible to be captured in any instant, though for the memory for his recollection, he should, regardless.

He should stare, as he is, upon such a fair woman. Such a beauty who holds in her hands, no other. No one else grasps her tapered fingers, during this warm month. Her loneliness is apparent, perhaps cocooned in her own mind. A story or two, as something for Alessio to delve into, so that he may share his own. It would be the night that he reveals.