Novel Idea – “The Window and the Beautiful Woman” – Romance – 5/14/2020


A woman about as beautiful as many, always seats herself before a mirror to adorn herself in cosmetic, to appear attractive, for no one. That mirror is her curse for loneliness. Though there is a man who represents the “peeping tom” in this story. He always comes to view this woman in the window, amazed at how well she dolls herself for a new day. No one admires her, except for the peeping tom.

Soon, she grows suspicious, because this man is not entirely stealthy in his movements. She occasionally wanders to the window out of curiosity and the ongoing suspicion. She sees her reflection in it, though because the window is dirty from weather, she does not use it as another mirror.

One day, she goes to the mirror, out of the same curiosity. In that time, she sees him, the peeping tom, while noticing her reflection at the same time. At that instant, they fall in love. Though, both sides only ever fall in love with their reflection, becoming a narcissistic relationship. Soon, loneliness becomes transferred to the side of the peeping tom.

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