Quote – “Why I am not a Proud Writer” – 5/27/2020

“Why should I be a proud writer, when there are those who’d read my writing, recall a painful memory, and begin to weep to it? Why should I be a proud writer, when there are those who’d read my writing, feel rage for what I say, and thus become my enemy? Why should I be a proud writer, when there are many who will be happy and thrilled in what I write, as such memories they recall are joyous? Such of the last example contrast so much from the first two, that it almost seems divided. Though, why should I be a proud writer, when through my writing, cause these emotions, and thus never be a friend to everyone? The writer, in this sense, feels isolated, as he should, and as he would.

The real writer is the sad writer, the thinker behind every person’s emotions, the isolationist and loner. He’ll realize one day that he can only ever entertain, not befriend, every one of his readers.”

– Anonymous

8 thoughts on “Quote – “Why I am not a Proud Writer” – 5/27/2020

    1. I have debates with some people on this subject of “pride”.

      Humanity is the subject of burden, and through those heavy weights carried on one’s heart, no one ever really is proud for what one is in the world. For what one has done, one understands that they rarely ever had a choice in the matter, to do simply what was needed to be done. I say the words, “There is no freedom in doing the right thing.” Following one’s heart? Being shackled to responsibility? Fighting for the care of other people? These actions, though selfless, create weights, create spots, for the heart to carry. And… the worst part is that they are never carried high, like some trophy to be proud of attaining.

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      1. Life is a constant stress, sometimes good and sometimes bad. I agree with you on a lot of things you said here but i do find people being obnoxious with a striking ego. They are not proud in the noble sense of the word, but just stupid snobs.


      2. Oh, yes.

        I was writing on the opposite of pride, here, on humility. Humility brings you down low, knowing there are others you can bring high. Like when a man is about to offer a ring to a woman, he turns from being a giant over her, to being an insect at her feet. He becomes the exact thing he once stepped on, in his competitive ways, through his ego, because he knows that with his woman, they are one.


      3. If he knows they will become one, him kneeling down to propose doesn’t make him an insect but on the contrary, it makes him a giant for being courageous.

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      4. Hmm…

        I once wrote, “There’s only two times a man must submit to a woman. The first is when he proposes, while the second is when he makes a mistake within the marriage.”

        What do I know? I’ve never been married, nor have I ever proposed to a woman. 🙂

        I came close, once…

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