Excerpt – “A Fine Line for Justice” – Chapter Three – “The Definition of Love, on the side of Justice” – 6/4/2020

Love must be, as it has always been proven to be, on the side of calmness. Of course, some may be those who will disagree, because their romances have not been proven fruit. Though, to think on them in a careful manner, was it the love you wished was stable, turning then into something far more destructive, being fear? It certainly must have been, considering that love has no motive to divide.

Those who bring their world onto the side of Vengeance, are those who have said unto love, that it is not needed. Only a person who creates, who raises, who builds structures, meant to last for future centuries, are on the side of objective love. Love, by its only definition, means to protect what has been created. Of a child, who a mother will protect, and a father will protect, because they have both raised him or her. Their love is the shield, not the unfocused and uncontrolled intent that means for destruction. Destruction deconstructs, of course, though so does negligence. One can leave something alone, for quite a while, so that it will deconstruct itself on its own. How does one, in this latter sense, relate this to Vengeance?

Vengeance is intent, though it cannot be the essence of merely forgetting something. Though, unless that abandonment was intentional, then such would belong on the side of deliberate destruction or deconstruction. When we neglect, we are certainly not on the side of love. However, in what we neglect, it is unlikely we can truly move past what does live. We have seen it, and it is like a passerby to the pauper, who could have noticed their presence, though their passing merely meant to not aid. Or, their passing had meant that it was not their responsibility to fix what the pauper neglected of themselves.

It should be noted that “to neglect” merely means to replace one action with another, though the new action does not tend to as much as the former one. The loving one will tend to as much as possible, simply because love is an emotion, above all others, that will never forget what one has created.

One cannot create destruction, though merely destroy what has been created. Therefore, in the name of negligence, one merely leaves one what has been declared to either be obsolete or dead. It is left to rot.

It is never with choice that a person will protect a creation. It is with something beyond simple human instinct. That is because to make a choice, one is at the step of being undeveloped. Such means that for a social realm to encourage the freedom to choose, makes their instinct be based around deliberate destruction and simple human desire. To love, however, to preserve a culture or a tradition, is thus to base a social realm around the necessary development, as one that comes with a slow pace.

For to be impatient would mean for disaster to spring up. To be patient would mean for preservation to take the place of life. In the preservation of life, we do not cling to simple human desires in the name of lust.

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