Novel Concept: – “To not Sink a Friend” – Based on Blogger’s Personal Experience – 6/10/2020

“To not Sink a Friend” is a tale of a man’s battle with his mind in his sudden need to revel in anger, raised against his negligence to befriend a beloved who he once placed all devotion.

A tale of misunderstood manipulation from said once-beloved, in the wrong belief that she is at fault. A tale of a man drunk on his rage, plagued with swarmed illness of the mind. A tale of depression as this man’s now-closest companion.

Throughout “To not Sink a Friend”, this man follows two paths that war with each other. To love or to betray a woman, whose love for him extends so vast, beyond normal human appreciation. Their love, broken, and his heart, shattered. Her heart, mended, though only in the face of his eternal care, his eternal devotion, once experienced in fullness in a romance. His care, his devotion that remains, is an entrapment, to only him. To her, it is a special talent of him.

Her heart, mended. His own, remaining destroyed by a mind that compels him into fits of rage. Emptiness is all he feels.

To sink her, would mean to depart, would mean for him to say the final word, “Goodbye” directly to her, ultimately leaving her to no one. For of a violent family to her, of a mother and a father, estranging her, and of addicts of other members, there is only the two. Of them two, both the man and the woman, once romantic lovers, now confused enemies. Would they remain to fight, or to one day love without restriction, in the name of friendship?

It is, to him, a shallowness, an emptiness, to not share his bed with her, to not kiss her, to not caress her. Love is of her. Anger is of him.

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