Philosophy – “Love, the Epitome of Logic” – 6/12/2020

“How can we neglect love, when the seeking of knowledge causes the stain of ignorance, upon whatever was dissected, was destroyed? For it is only that love is neglected, or it is only that God can be turned away. It is because love, itself, is not something to ever neglect, on its own.”

– Anonymous

It is that knowledge can only benefit itself, upon existence. It is that love benefits others, through its non-existence. For that love does not neglect, makes it a non-existence, only when we turn away from it, when it cannot turn away from us. What knowledge gains, is granted from flesh, dissected and deconstructed through analysis. Physical matter, is what knowledge takes advantage of, whereas love will keep things whole. It is to say that knowledge is only ever gained through ignorance, while love is only ever given from the knowledgeable one for the one dissected by such ignorance. For ignorance is the sight of something torn apart, deconstructed. It was the touch of ignorance, for the knowledge of someone else, that caused destruction.

When love can be the thing to keep something whole, there was never a need for ignorance to have dissected something. It is that love keeps things whole, that it represents logic, when the most logical of things to do is keep something whole so there is never a need to solve what is broken. In merely keeping something from falling apart, that is love, becoming what logic is, at its core.

Base a ruined marriage on the love being lost, for that is because love would be the only ingredient to keep the marriage upright and stable. The touch of ignorance, the cause of destruction, is always for someone else’s benefit, for someone else’s gain. It is just as divorce is for the gain of both former husband and wife. Love does everything it can to protect, making there be no need to destroy something for knowledge’s sake.

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