Philosophy – “Why the Pride Rainbow is the Symbol that Withdraws Others” – 6/16/2020

“While we focus on the sight of a wound, so external upon the skin, we never notice if there’s an infection. Do we notice the virus that crawls in the blood, the sigh of helplessness from one remembered grief?”

– Anonymous

Reverse psychology in how the “pride rainbow” is shown upon a banner, operates like how a human willfully desires to see something beneath the Earth. We are, as humans, treasure hunters. We long to see something that does not appear dead, like dust, upon the surface of our memories.

Reverse psychology works, in this sense, that by a person telling someone to focus on color, in raising such a banner, that person told such will begin to wonder on what is beyond. That speaking person is, in this sense, telling the listening person to do the opposite. For it is inevitable for any human that they will want to know something beyond the color.

For a banner to attract the focus to color, makes a person who is willfully ignorant enough, able to withdraw their focus to the exterior of any human being. It withdraws the focus from the interior, so that we remain in that ignorance. For those who wish to know something beyond, there is the question that states, “Color is always seen, of Nature, of the world, so what is beneath the color, beneath the grass, beneath the soil?”

While the focus remains as the exterior, nobody of such promotion wishes to “get to know” a person, comprehend them beyond the simple color. It might be also the same when a person, who raises such a banner, is telling others to never see within them. To perhaps what hurts? To perhaps get to know them, and befriend them?

Why are people proud based on color? Why aren’t people proud based on contribution to what comes from one’s identity? The former is the work of a mother and a father. The latter would be the work of us. Upon the focus of an exterior, the interior becomes neglected, especially of those who have their own focus upon their own exterior. Though, when we focus upon the interior, then the exterior does not become neglected, because it will then become rather simple to apply attraction to that exterior, to that color. It wouldn’t require work, as it never does require any real labor, in that sense, to make something attractive. For attraction is based on instinct, so such a task should be effortless.

For such a task of attraction will be proven effortless, when we can comprehend that the labor of expression comes from an internal source, as not color for the sake of color. We are not laborious when we work to attract, because it is the same as stepping outside to notice what attracts us. Based on instinct, not based on work ethic. What is based on work ethic is our realization to know that what we can contribute in terms of different flavors, is not in how we appear, though in how we make the world appear. When we paint, as an artist, we paint by what we feel, do we not? Therefore, it is our contribution that comes by as labor, that we know it stems from an identity to make into something for another’s connection. Our identity is always another’s identity. Therefore, it is in what we do, that is the contribution, to create color that is not so obvious as how we appear, on the outside.

What can attract, will be immediate, as it is from us to the attraction. What we make to attract, does not require any effort, or should not require it, for we should know that instincts compel us to be attracted. In what we are expressive in doing, that is the work that is needed in knowing someone. We express, because we know, because we have that knowledge through getting to know someone. Though, in seeing color, there is something still so blatant about it, that for it to be a focus, makes us lose contact with being beneath the surface. Is it not that attraction will be instant, upon recognition of it? Why must color be the focus, especially of something so blatant as an external reveal? The work required in “knowing someone” is indeed a task. Therefore, the work required in healing someone, through what expression inevitably does, will be the task. In healing someone, a person has to know someone.