Quote – “What Defines Prejudice?” – 7/31/2020

“All fear, makes two individuals equal. Though, to what a person can know of what they fear, makes them compassionate. All prejudice does not originate directly from hatred, though from fear. As love and fear are the two primary emotions of a human, hatred is an extension off fear. Hatred is not even a primary emotion, so it is objectively not it that defines prejudice. One acts out of hatred, though one feels nothing more than fear, in the act.

It is, as well, that in the feeling of fear, one remains distant, provokes division, and contemplates nothing except for the imaginings of what a certain person could be.

To think on the tyrant, of whom he has eliminated. Do they feel hatred, or do they feel fear? Their acts of elimination in terms of genocide, have been bred from fear. For that is because, to the tyrant, all truth is a threat.

We fear what may shock us, being truth. Therefore, to know a person, it is truth that is the knowledge. Is is a heart that we do not stab, though embrace.”

– Modern Romanticism

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