Philosophy – “As Racism is Simple Ignorance” – 8/3/2020

“Were more people to engage in discussion of background, we’d not need to check for it, so that one could be allowed beyond a line.”

– Modern Romanticism

Racism has nothing to do with race, as much as to do with difference of culture. The aspect of “distance”, when coming down to that aforementioned ignorance, has most to do with what one to another does not comprehend. That is, to comprehend the background to another, of their upbringing to their own set of principles, might allow for comfort among individuals, in closeness. For not in distance, though in closeness, could a person understand another, not by their race or genetic origin, though by their upbringing. Of all things that could bind the open wound of distance, it is a knowledge of background, to how a person, in pain, had formed their own life, will create such closeness. For distance is a wound, literally so, by how a wound is shaped. It is a part in the flesh, so in the distance of people, it is a part from one person to the next. A gap, so to speak.

The race or other genetic origin will create the distance that forces another to see only the surface to an individual. The more genetic “identities” we manufacture for a human, the less knowledge we attain of another individual, through simple conversation. For there is nothing a person can comprehend, that one could identify with, or relate to, of genetic difference.

To be a homosexual, to be a transgender, to be a black or white person… if these things are not choices to be, then they are not identities of background. For all to a background, is pain. To be past the pain, is to come out of where one was merely a bud, and thus, became a blossom. That blossom is what another person sees, throws curiosity towards, and wishes to understand it for every aspect. Again, genetic difference to the difference of choice, makes the former incapable for relation, to the latter being capable for relation. For what woman would take pleasure in ever identifying with the fact that she has a pre-disposition for breast cancer, due to having a family history in such a disease? If she were to tell another of such a risk, would they love to relate to such a fact? Never. As in, to relate to something one can escape from, marking the culture of a person as the possible relation, makes the distance become closed. For that is because love can only ever be felt, when we feel everything.

The everything that relates to every thought. The everything that relates to every word. The everything that relates to every breed of gentleness, makes distance the closeness each person desires.

For as “hate-speech” is always to be an oxymoron, as hate can only come through proof of action, words will remain as the gentle approach of debate, discussion, or negotiation.

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