Poem – “You are Finally Mine” – Romance – 7/30/2020

You no longer need to weep
When love is there to seep.

Modern Romanticism

Bless yourself,
Woman of the deep
Of me.
Your face has raindrops
Suitable for consumption.
Your aroma is taxing
To my strength.
I falter,
I weaken
Before your might.

There is seduction in every word
That leaks free
From your parted mouth.
I eclipse nothing of joy
For your moment in the sun.
I blot out the smears
Before they set.

You no longer need to weep
When love is there to seep
Deep in a heart, that shall now start
On a course down history's open lane.
I belong in you,
As you belong with me.
Can we not be one?

Great woman,
With eyes so blue and ideal
To the music of your cries.
Come to hardship
To knock it dead,
When I have made a ship for you,
As you shall walk on water.
Let us drink each other up
On the deck,
Where we wed.

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