Philosophy – “The Difference Between Change and Improvement” – 8/20/2020

“Improvement has sat, like the building on its foundation. It is, until change came along like a hurricane to tear it down.”

– Modern Romanticism

Change is very much like the wind, not ever directional in its motions. It curves, this “change”, and does not ever move across a straight line.

There are those who state that “control” is an illusion. Yet, that is the same as one who is impulsive, and unable to control their emotions. For in logic, a person is controlled, subdued, and not liable to cause an outburst under the slightest hint of pressure.

To be a leader is to not adhere to change. To be a leader means to never say “change” is necessary. For to speak of change, is like speaking of the wind. For each change, there was a perspective for it. Each change is unpredictable. Unless there is one viewpoint to which leadership governs itself, then change will be the maneuvers of that leadership.

As change is like the wind, then too much will cause a hurricane. Such a storm will radicalize “change” to the point of a movement desiring all around to be torn to shreds. All will be believed to be torn down, and made anew. Yet, to how many times can this occur? Who has questioned the limits to change?

There are no limits to change. One will become deceptive in how one constantly changes, until no one knows the original form. The original face has changed in personality so often, that deception becomes the truth of life. In that, we comprehend that a leader is not the head, by such a sense, as they are like the body. The body shivers, in fear. The head turns. The head holds eyes like gems encrusted in it. Those eyes are meant to focus. Those eyes are meant to keep ahead.

The leader who believes solely in change, believes in chaos. The leader who believes solely in improvement, is a leader, simply because emotions do not rule them.

No leader should be bound up with emotions. It makes not a leader, though an unstable individual. If that “leader” cannot control themselves, how can they control their nation?

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