Short Prose – 300 Words – “Mistakes and Promises” – Romance – 11/12/2020

I couldn’t suffer for a second more. I couldn’t suffer. Breaking the promise, was to break my own heart. Shattered as the Earth, when tears rain as the meteor shower. Like stars, breaking my hemisphere. Breaking my divide, between needed diversion from insanity. For I had found my mind, straight into your own heart. Straight into your arms, there was light. Though, upon the day when the promise was torn, there was to be me, reborn.

Like love never held meaning. It was the silence of myself, to become the howl of the aching beast. I was to, as it was perhaps the simplest gesture, to depart across the waves. For this ocean had been made from both our pairs of eyes. As streaming tears, of some black, with others clear and blue.

I could not suffer, not for a second more in this time of blindness. I could not, for if I did, I’d merely have you to look upon. Just the aches, in this vision of darkness, while you in my mind was not to the light for my eyes.

Not for a moment more, could I see the reflection. Not for any more moments, could I suffer myself, through you. Through your gaze, in the woe of an elongated promise. Here is you, the angel of a mistake of mine. I had broken your wings under a sinking vow. Like a ship that never docked, left to find solitude in the ocean’s cracks.

What could I, as the man without a grip upon his sane self, comprehend of your own gestures? You waved, when I had set sail to the waves. You cried, while I did, too. You sighed, along with the winds to myself, breathing over the ocean as the sea did, too.

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