Philosophy – “Why Life is Not Fair… and should Never be” – 4/18/2021

The Death of Major Peirson, 6 January 1781 1783 John Singleton Copley 1738-1815 Purchased 1864

“No Man nor Woman is equal, so long as we compete, or if it is when we do not love, or if it is that we are not dead.”

– Modern Romanticism

Life is a competition. Anything besides love or death, is a fluctuation of stampeding revolution. For it is not life that is opposite from death, as it is love which is. Both love and death are equal, in power, making everything of the in-between as able to be prepared. As it is, we are never prepared for the onslaught of love, in our blindness. And, we are never prepared for the oncoming death of ourselves, being blind to its exact moment.

In life, we are able to choose. We possess freedom. Neither in love, nor in death, and we possess freedom outside of such shelters. For we cannot choose to love nor to die, unless suicide has an element for either. If for self-destruction, in suicide, with love or death, then it is not of either. It is due to absent trust, that a person commits the act of suicide. With choice, we are better able to deconstruct to analyze, to understand that the death of another gives us meaning to move on. Through choice, we do destruct, we do fell the thing that was deemed as needless or a burden, so that we might have our freedom.

To the concept of fairness, there are battles for it. Through choice, or with freedom, or with competition, there are battles in this endless war. A war for freedom, for one is not gifted it. People are meant to earn their lives, as they earn their supposed fairness. People are born, yet that is the gift to be loved. Though, once independence unto individualism is able to be maintained, there is what has been earned. The life for the individual, the place for them, the way for them, among all principles and standards that this person has developed themselves upon. It is to fairness, that to introduce or to gift it, welcomes slavery into a realm. What else defines the slave, except for their inability to earn their freedom or fairness?

To introduce fairness is to make things unfair for those who are wishing to earn it. In this, skillsets lessen, and people will worsen. Death is the result, being the equality that is opposite from love. We die, in something that wasn’t earned. We do not love, because we failed to recognize what is equality.